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Jul 21, 2006 - Nijmegen

Once home, rested and fed it was time to party again. I didnt know how I'd go after the previous night at Cris's and the massive hangover I had all day but I was willing to give it a shot, for Guus. hehe We caught a train to Nijmegen and headed towards the Matrixx in the Park to find the others. On the way we stopped for a beer, which was a little small but went down a little too easily then continued on. Further along was a beer tent with bigger beers so we grabbed one of then and made our way through the crowd to Roy, Inga, Josine, Patty...

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May 1, 2005 - Arrival in Amsterdam 01 May

01 May, 2005 Hello everyone... from now on, and hopefully you all wont mind, but we may not be able to answer everyones e-mails... we will try really hard to, but please don't take it personally if it takes some time to get a personal response. If you want a response, please e-mail us at our regular e-mail address: johnmarcgone@yahoo.ca We arrived Amsterdam this morning almost an hour late, as at the airport in Montreal, they had to remove a drunk passenger, find the luggage... etc ! That was off to a good start! Amsterdam is AMAZING ! So...

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Feb 2, 2005 - Nijmegen, Netherlands

Not much time to write about this place, but I will tell you its filled with bicycles, cold (but warmer weather), and no students! Finals were just last week, so the recruiting is rough. And everyone dresses very nicely, and I think I'm becoming obsessed with shoes. Lost my scarf this week, and my gloves last week, so I'm aching for some warmer weather. That's about all! Here's a link to what the campus looks like: http://www.ru.nl/aspx/get.aspx?xdl=/views/run/xdl/page&ItmIdt=427&SitIdt=22&VarIdt=13

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Jul 21, 2004 - paklijst

Ookal duurt het nog precies twee weekjes voordat ik vertrek, ben ik nu al bezig met het maken van een uitgebreide paklijst. Nu wordt het steeds echter, en de vlinders dansen in mijn buik. Ik moet bekennen dat ik het steeds spannender vind worden. Goed, ik ga eerst nog op zeilkamp met een stel kooters maar daarna is het al zover. Als iemand van jullie nog tips heeft over iets dat ik absoluut mee moet nemen naar Mexico of Amerika, ik hoor het graag want ik ben het overzicht allang kwijt.

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