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Apr 20, 2010 - sc Heerenveen Stadium Tour & Youth Training

We travelled to the city of Heerenveen, where Paco Deckers and his family lives. Paco used to play in Calgary and after trying out, was awarded a position in the sc Heerenveen youth development program. We went on a stadium tour (the facility holds about 26,000 people), we toured the local market and we training with Paco's trainers for about 1.5 hrs. We also left Brendan Canejo there, in the care of Paco's family. Brendan will be trying out for the Heerenveen youth program for the next week or so. We wish Brendan all the best with his...

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Apr 20, 2010 - Match #6 - ADO'20 - SWU FC Loses 5-3

The team we faced was a 1995 team and is in the tier 1 division. On average, they were bigger, could control the ball fairly well and were strong strikers. There was a wind advantage that helped them in the first half, and then we switch sides. Our goals were scored in the 2nd half. For a final match, it was good to play a strong team.

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Apr 19, 2010 - Match# 5- Elinkwijk Utrecht - SWU FC Ties 0-0

Summary provided by Brian Craig: Hello Soccer fans...tuning in coast to coast. Tonight's broadcast comes to you from the ash-sooten Netherlands where we are reporting on this evening's battle from Utrecht. We bring you post-live coverage of the match between South West United 96 FC and the C-1 USV Elinkwijk club. This was a gritty, scrappy challenge for the boys from Calgary, but they rose to the occasion and they matched the physical force of their Dutch assailants. The game ended in a 0-0 draw, but the game within the game offers a...

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Apr 18, 2010 - Watch Ajax Pro Match vs Heracles Almelo in Amsterdam

Summary provided by Roger:The main activity today, was attending the professional match between Ajax and Heracles Almelo. Ajax dominated the game and won 4-0. We were among >50,000 people at the Ajax stadium and it was an energizing, exciting and safe experience for players and chaperones alike. I've included some pictures from the event.

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Apr 18, 2010 - Volcanic Ash Update

Update provided by Roger: Last month, the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, began erupting after almost 200 years of silence. As you are likely aware, a plume of ash from the volcano, sent high into the atmosphere a number of days ago, has been spreading across Europe and has shut down airports. I just heard on British CNN, that more than 60,000 flights have been cancelled thus far. One of our parents, Kathy King, was suppose to return home on Friday, but has been unable to travel. With each day that goes by without airports opening,...

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Apr 17, 2010 - Watch Ajax Youth Matches & Amsterdam City Tour

Summary form Roger: Today was a day of watching: We spent a couple of hours at the Ajax youth training center to watch some youth teams play and then we went into Amsterdam to take in the site. As noted in an earlier update, Ajax is the biggest and most successful soccer club in Holland. They have a feeder system, or youth academy, that helps to develop and feed the club with quality players. We watched parts of a couple of games and as expected, the boys demonstrated exceptional skill. In the early afternoon, we then went into to...

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Apr 16, 2010 - Pro Match Volendam v Omniworld

Summary provided by Roger: Later in the day, we picturesque Volendam. A lakeside community with a strong history in the fishing industry, and with anxilliary craft work in making cheese and clogs. The quaint little town is geared to tourists by having restuarants and shops along the water. The town also has a division 2 pro team, with a stadium based right in Volendam. Last year, they actually played in division one, but they came in last place and were moved down to division 2. Tonight they played another div 2 team called Omnivision,...

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Apr 16, 2010 - Training at ADA'20 - Day 2

Summary Provided by Roger:We returned to ADO'20 for a second session of training with Michel Hordijk. There were a series of drills that had the boys going one-on-one for ball control; in small teams for play making and a shooting competition that embedded cardio development. The last exercise was particularly popular with the boys and after two rounds, they insisted on a third round that actually delayed our departure back to the hotel. It was the most naturally energized the boys appeared on the trip.

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Apr 15, 2010 - Match # 4 - Den Bosch - SWU FC Tie 2-2

Today's Blog provided by Brian Craig: Tonight we managed to keep our undefeated string alive - with an exciting 2-2 draw in Den Bosch. Our boys put in a courageous effort to crawl back from a 2-0 deficit to tie the game and threaten to take the lead, but time expired before any further damage could be administered. It was a very satisfying outcome for our boys who were showing signs of fatigue for the second night in a row. On an afternoon when the sun was strong and the boys were battling their fourth game in an as many nights, our boys...

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Apr 14, 2010 - Match # 3 - Kon HFC Haarlem - SWU FC Wins 2-1

Tonight we played the 1996 Tier 1 team from the Kon HFC Haarlem club. This is the oldest club in all of Holland, est. in 1879. Haarlem is the community and is considered upper scale, a bit like Elbow Park or Mount Royal in Calgary. The HFC team was tough, but according to Santi (one of our two, injured players serving as commentators), they were not as tough as the AFC'34 Alkmaar who we played on Tues night. Santi also adds, "the teams were fairly evenly matched." Robbie (our other commentator), felt we played poorly in the first half,...

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Apr 14, 2010 - Stadium Tour Amsterdam Arena

This morning we toured the Ajax stadium in Amsterdam. Ajax is the largest, and most successful club in Holland. And a very competitive team in Europe as a whole. Their stadium holds over 50,000 people and is quite modern and interesting to see and learn about. We are going to see an Ajax match on Sunday and the facility will be sold out. It is possible that Ajax could win the league championship for Holland on that day.

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Apr 13, 2010 - Match #2- AFC'34 Alkmaar - Tie 2-2

Well the FC played a tough match tonight against the AFC'34 Alkmaar. The majority of the play was in the FC end for both halves, so the team had to play very defensively to keep the score down. Capitalizing an some offensive opportunities, two goals were scored to take away a well fought match and tie. This team was the tougher of the two faced thus far. This club introduced nice rituals at the beginning and the end of the match to meet and have pictures taken together.

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