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Dec 12, 2004 - Chetumal Museum and the ride to Bacular lagoon

The City of Chetumal on the Caribbean Sea and Bacular Bay: Dec12 Today I am in the city of Chetumal. When I l left Kohunlich I dropped down into the flat plains of the coast and found fields of sugar cane as far as the eye could see. The highway was exceptionally good after passing into Quintanna Roo state. They were working on the road from Xpujil to the state line and it was a mess. Big trucks were tearing up the road faster than they could get if fixed. It was only 22 K into town. Found a small hotel, El Dorado right next door to the...

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Two months in Mexico

Dec 9, 2004 - Mexico

Etter en liten "svipptur" med buss fra Belize City ankom vi Tulum i Mexico. Den første natta tok vi inn på et backpacker sted inne i selve byen, men tidlig neste morgen tok vi bussen ned til stranda for aa finne oss en liten cabanâ. Det er nemlig det Tulum er kjent for: milelange sandstrender med mange små stråhytter i vannkanten. Og på leting etter vår egen lille cabanâ fant vi ut at beskrivelsen "milelaaaaaaange" strender er korrekt. Vi hadde vel gått i nærmere 1 time med full oppakning da vi endelig kom til "Papaya Playa" hvor vi fikk...

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Dec 1, 2004 - Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico AKA Hell on Earth. A tourist infested, american parody of mexico I am here for one reason only, to catch a plane to the USA. I did discover the reason the place has become such a massive tourist destination, the beach. Despite the massive conglomerations of resorts on the beach, the huge malls and american entertainment complexes, the Macdonalds and Burger Kings, Cancun has a great beach. The sand is ridiculously white and the water a gemstone like blue. First night in town I was sharing a dorm with another Aussie Tim who at...

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Sep 29, 2004 - Headin' Home

Becky and I woke up early and quickly packed our things. We got some of the free breakfast and then called for a cab to drive us to Cancun. We left for Cancun at 8:45, where I had to pick up the rest of my luggage that a friend had left for me in the production office at the Sheraton. My flight departed at 12:20, so I need to be at the airport at 10:20. This gave me roughly an hour to get to Cancun, find my bags, repack everything and make it to the airport. We were a bit pressed for time, but I thought we could manage it. The taxi dropped...

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Sep 27, 2004 - Puerto Morelos!

Becky and I took a bus to Puerto Morelos for a dollar sixty each, a small price to pay to get away from Playa del Carmen. The bus dropped us at the side of the road, and there were several taxies waiting there, one of which took us the rest of the way into the town and to the place we wanted to stay. We checked in at Rancho Libertad, a wonderful Bed and Breakfast right on the beach. We got an upstairs bungalow which has a bed that hangs from the ceiling, several inches above the floor...kind of like a big hammock. Outside of our room is a...

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Sep 26, 2004 - Playa del Stupido

Becky and I decided we needed a change of scenery. We had heard that Playa del Carmen was more touristy, but it is also a bigger city than Tulum, so I figured more tourists/more space it all evens out to be just a bigger Tulum.... WRONG! Becky and I took a first class bus up to PDC and slept the whole way. We found our way to a hotel that is nice, secure, quiet and had air-conditioning. After checking in we decided to walk around and explore this new town. No sooner had we set foot on the main drag, were we being pulled in every direction...

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Sep 22, 2004 - Return to Tulum

Becky and I woke early and hiked back to the Chichen Itza site to catch a bus to Tulum. The bus ran a little late but no problems. I had learned the previous time that the bus ticket window is in the Chichen Itza gift shop, which does not open until 10am, so I had the foresight to buy our tickets the previous day while we were at the ruins. I get a lot of satisfaction about being able to deal with little problems that arise when traveling, and learning how to avoid them again in the future. We arrived in Tulum and headed back to my...

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Sep 18, 2004 - Back to Cancun

This morning I said goodbye to my three new friends and headed off to the bus station. I caught a first class bus to Cancun without a problem or incident. The only thing really worth mentioning was that they played a movie on the bus, "What a Girl Wants" in spanish. I arrived at the Cancun bus station and a friendly and helpful baggage handler asked where I was going. He was clearly expecting one of the common replys from a tourist. He seemed shocked when I told him the hotel he was looking for. He walked with me for the three blocks to...

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Sep 8, 2004 - Cabañas in Tulum

As it turns out, the same day that I got stuck on a second class bus to Piste, my three Italian friends got stuck on one also. So we both learned the same lesson, only travel first class (the ticket price is only a couple of dollars difference if that). When we were at Chichen Itza, Marco checked the bus schedual and found out that a first class bus to Tulum stopped there at 8am. So we got up very early and backpacked the 2 KM to Chichen Itza. The place was closed and the parking lot empty. We were the only souls standing in an empty...

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Sep 5, 2004 - Akumal Mexico, Caribbean Retreat-1999

Akumal, Mexico: A Caribbean Retreat (Yucatan Peninsula map) Click, whirrrrr. The camera shutter closes on yet another brilliant moment. To the west, the setting moon dangles on a deep blue background while eastward the rising sun guilds the facades of the scattered buildings below, highlighting the edges of palm fronds. Magenta, bronze and azure streak the sky overhead. Caribbean colors. Maya colors. The colors of our dreams. It's our first morning on the playa (beach) in Akumal, Mexico. From our balcony, we enjoy the breathtaking view of...

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Sep 3, 2004 - An un-natural disaster in Cancun

Well I arrived in Cancun on August 30th, but I haven't had a chance to make an entry until now. The reason for that being that this is the biggest disaster of a show I and many others have ever seen. If I want to get internet in my hotel room it costs $20 US a day.... Most of us have been getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night and working in very extreme conditions. A meeting is to take place in a couple of hours, the result of which may very well end in every department head and probably most of the crew quitting. Either that or the network...

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Jul 26, 2004 - Chetumal, Mexico

We drove here from Placencia, just to stop off for the night. Chetumal is a nice town right on the Caribbean, and has Mayan ruins nearby. We plan on leaving early in the morning and heading for Palenque. We should be back in the States within a week. The website will turn off on Aug. 1.

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