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Dec 12, 2018 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We rode one of the Tenders from the ship to shore, which was a first time for us. When you get off the tender, it is just like every other dock, you walk through all the shops. We walked through and decided to walk downtown. There were many three wheel bicycle taxi's trying to get us to use them. We walked a little ways and decided for time we would take a ride. They got cheaper away from the dock. We strolled around the downtown area and pick a restaurant. It was very good, and we drank beer not water. We then walked around some more and...

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Feb 23, 2018 - Cabo San Lucas and Whale Watch

Cabo San Lucas and Whale Watch We had to get up early today. We boarded one of the first tenders to shore in Cabo San Lucas. It was a short 10 minute boat ride to the tender docks. Our walk around the harbor to Cabo Whale Watch was another thing! It was almost al around the harbor and at first we thought we were lost. After a phone call, we found the office and checked in. We made it! Lisa, who is a marine biologist led the group of nine of us in a very adequate 32 foot fiberglas boat with twin outboards. We did a quick tour of the Cabo...

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Jan 17, 2018 - Sea day

Jan 17 Sea day today on our way toward Guatemala. Went to the gym this morning. Jim and I played in a bean bag toss tournament but lost in the first round. The captain announced the temperature was 86 on shore and 84 on the ship. This afternoon it was a lot of fun in the pool. With the boat rocking, the pool was like a wave pool with the water sloshing around. There were a couple of kids having fun, but the adults were enjoying it just as much. Shortly after I got out of the pool, they closed the pools for safety. We watched Ventriloquist...

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Jan 16, 2018 - Sea Day

Tuesday, Jan 16 Sea day today. It's getting warmer and some people are in the pools, but they're too cold for me. I hit the gym again, and did lots of walking. Time went ahead one hour, so we're only 2 hours behind now. More time relaxing, in the hot tubs and reading. It doesn't sound like much, but time goes by quickly. Jim went to the comedy show (Merl Hobbs) and I went to The Rock and Roll Piano Show. It was pretty good, and better than the last one.

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Jan 15, 2018 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Jan 15 It's warmer today, but the pools are still cold. As we got closer to Cabo San Lucas, we saw lots of humpback whales alongside of our ship. We were late arriving in Cabo which is the Marlin capital of the world, so they rescheduled the excursions for us. We took a tender into the port. The Cortez Sea was quite calm today, making for a nice ride in the tender. We enjoyed the Lands End Boat Tour aboard a Catamaran. The guide pointed out the different rock formations. We saw numerous seals sunning themselves on a huge rock. They quickly...

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Apr 11, 2017 - Mexico.

After leaving Los Angeles we sail south towards Mexico. The temperature is rising and I'm enjoying the sunshine. The dynamics have changed on the ship with a lot of the Australians having left and more British and Americans boarding. Not least amongst the changes has been that use of the "pokies" (slot machines) has plummeted. It used to be there was hardly ever one standing unattended, now banks of them are standing all alone. The entertainment is good with the comedian Alan Stewart performing. His act is more centred on the Brits and a...

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Feb 5, 2017 - Cabo San Luca, Mexico. Anne’s Birthday & Whale Watch

Sunday Feb 5, & Monday Feb 6 2017 Cabo San Luca, Mexico Anne’s Birthday & Whale Watch Anne celebrated her birthday on board. The crew decorated our room with ornaments and a “Happy Birthday” banner, much to our surprise. We were at sea most of the day and the officers presented a Bar-B-Q on the pool deck. Captain Jose served the dessert and the Executive Chef, Monica was at the Webber grill. The ship entered the port late in the afternoon and anchored in the bay. This afforded us the view of a beautiful sunset before dinner. But our...

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Nov 11, 2016 - Jet skis to Santa Maria Cove

Friday, November 11th: Jet Skis and Snorkeling Weather: Hot and sunny with a light breeze Route: Cabo Azul Resort --> Mega Mall via local 'Urbano' bus --> Cabo San Lucas via Intercity bus --> Pemex Gas Station across from the City Club --> FullSpeed Jet Ski east of Medano Beach On Tuesday, after we had found the jet ski tour we wanted online, we had arranged by phone to meet the FullSpeed Tours agent, Odo, at 10:00 today. We made sure we were on the local 'Urbano' bus to the Mega Mall by 9:00. Having ridden the local and intercity buses...

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Nov 10, 2016 - Sailing to Santa Maria Cove

Thursday, November 10th: Sailing and snorkeling Weather: hot and dry Route: Cabo Azul Resort --> Mega Mall via local 'Urbano' bus --> Cabo San Lucas via Intercity bus --> Cabo San Lucas Marina Our private sailing/snorkeling tour was reserved for 13:00. We lingered over a late breakfast of yogurt, fruit, granola and toast (I finished off the fish leftovers) before walking to the corner to catch the local Urbano bus -- a repurposed school bus -- to take us to the Mega Mall. Even though we were familiar with this ride we were perplexed at the...

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May 13, 2015 - Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is in a gorgeous location at the bottom of the 775 mile Baja Peninsula. It would be easy to argue that the Baja is more part of California than Mexico; it is only attached by a small piece of land on the northern edge. So far it seems less affected by drug cartel terrorism and the port was well guarded by soldiers sporting rifles that were as tall as they were. Cabo does not have a deep water port so we and the Disney Wonder had to tender passengers ashore. Getting off the life boat we were surprised to have our hand bags...

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Mar 15, 2015 - Mexico - Cabo San Lucas

I took the Amtrak to San Diego (quite a nice way to travel – lots of legroom and the ability to walk around or go to the lounge car). Then a short flight to Cabo which is quite developed with lots of new development coming soon, and is crowded with a million students because it is spring break. I’ve done a few things here – went on a boat ride to see the famous Arch, went zip-lining, visited the glass blowing factory, learnt how tequila is made, saw whales, and was hounded by many time share salesmen.

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Feb 17, 2014 - Cabo San Lucas

We are in Cabo San Lucas. This is as far south as you can go on the Baja Peninsula. To go farther south we would have go by boat and if we went straight south the first land we would come to would be Antarctica, so guess we will just head home next. We had a nice time in Los Barilles. We were not right on the beach but close enough to see the water. It was fun walking down to the beach and watching kite boarders and windsurfers. It makes one want to be at least 30 years younger but, then we would have to be working. Maureen, a friend from...

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