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Aug 7, 2005 - Leaving Kuala Lumpur to go North

This morning Clair left to get the bus to Thailand and me and Vicky went on a mission to sort some things out, I got a new SIM card for my mobile and the number is at the top of my home page with the others, and also booked out bus ticket to travel over night north and then we will catch a boat across to Pulau Perhentian, these are two island off the north east coast on the Malaysian peninsular. Dr Kate my Canadian friend said they were fab and you can dive for $25 and she did her PADI's there so I know it will be ok. We also went and...

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Aug 4, 2005 - Pulau Perhentian Kecil

Up early again and this time the train was there. Apparently there's been a bit of trouble in southern Thailand recently, bombs etc and this is probably why there was a guy on the train with an M16 rifle. The Foreign office tell you not to travel through this part of Thailand. Funny how these things don't bother you when you're away. Guess it might be the same when we get back. Anyway, we decided to walk to the border (stupid decision #786) in the steamy heat and 20 minutes later we were back in Malaysia. An hour taxi ride later and we were...

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Aug 3, 2005 - Perhentian Islands

The travelling from the Cameron Highlands to The Perhentian Islnds took nearly all day, by the time we got to Perhentian Kecil, the island we were staying on it was nearly 20:00. It was lucky that we had managed to get through to one of the places the day before and book in advance, as you get on a boat and travel from beach to beach on the island where you get dropped off, it can then be a bit of a scramble to get a place to stay, and it was dark by the time we got dropped off. D'Lagoon We had booked a place on the Northern tip of the...

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Jul 28, 2005 - The gorgeous Perhentian Islands

We set off the next morning with Adrian, heading to the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsular, the Perhentian Islands, to do a spot of diving! It was such a LOOOOOOOOOOONG journey but we got there eventually and then had to trek up and down the beach with our bags on looking for some accommodation. Everywhere was pretty full, but we ended up staying at Rock Garden (known as Rock Bottom), as it was cheap and nice enough! After a shower we met up with some people we'd met on the boat over (a Canadian guy, Andrew, and 2 French Canadian's,...

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Jul 24, 2005 - Perhentian Kecil: Finding Nemo!

After my journey from Borneo to Singapore, you'd think I'd learn that a plane ticket doesn't necessarily guarantee smooth sailing. It was a supposed to be a quick trip. A quick flight from KL to Kota Bhara, an hour to the pier and another hour to the islands. I can't really complain that we had to wait 2 hours for the boat, since I didn't check the schedule ahead of time, but the 3rd hour of our boat journey in the pouring rain had me singing the theme to Gilligan's Island. The Perhentians are actually two small islands - Perhentian Besar...

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Jul 9, 2005 - Malaysia - Pulau Perhentian Kecil & Besar

Selamat pagi! People of the world, we've found it! There's a paradise on Earth and it is in the Perhentian Islands. We had to take several buses from Taman Negara and spend one night in Kuala Terengganu, but we finally reached Pulau Perhentian Kecil and it was so much worth the hassle. Our first day was gone doing pretty much nothing other than resting, recovering from Taman Negara and handwashing our stinky clothes, but the following days were awesome. The Perhentian Islands are two islands: one big (Besar) and one small (Kecil). We stayed...

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RTW 2005

Jun 30, 2005 - Perhentian Islands

Beautiful little islands off the coast of Malaysia. Unfortunatly i've had a wicked cold since i got here (no it's not Malaria!) so haven't been able to scuba dive. Just wandered the beaches, swam in the 23 degree water and drank at the hostel beach bar. Also managed to catch the British Lions test.......Rubbish!

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Jun 14, 2005 - Malaysia is amazing!

We are currently in a place called Redang Island in the South China Sea, off the east coast of Malaysia. This is not far from where the first season of "Survivor" was filmed, and it certainly lives up to the image of a tropical paradise. We are staying at a resort with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, monkeys and tropical fish everywhere. Everyday as part of the package we are on we get to take two trips out to various Marine parks for what has to be some of the best snorkelling in the world. So far we have seen Moray eels,...

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Jun 3, 2005 - Perhentian Islands

We got the boat this morning (speed boat if you dont mind, travelling in style) to the smaller of the two islands. We're stayin on long beach and it is really fab here! Its our favourite beach resort so far. The water is crystal clear, you can still see your feet when your up to your neck in water! The water is really calm. We booked two dives for tomorrow, we get to pick our own dive sites (you didnt have a choice in the other places) so wer goin in search of turtles!!! The dive master is really nice too!! We have alot of photos to put on...

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Jun 2, 2005 - Malaysia truly Asia

Well according to the ads on t.v. it is. So we left Phi Phi at nine and got a boat to the mainland, we got there about 11 and got on a minibus to bring us to the border. We had to change minibus near the western border cos we wanted to go to the east coast. So we arrived at SungaiKolok at about 10pm where we had to get off and walk across the border, it was fairly easy, no hassle just get passport stamped and on we go. We were goin to head to KhotaBharu and then head South but on the spur of the moment we decided to head towards the...

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May 25, 2005 - Peherentian Islands

Back to the beach and the stomach problems an island can bring along. Dammit. Anyway, the Peherentians are beautiful islands and I had a fantastic time here, snorkeling as usual, sunbathing, relaxing, feeding the kittens hitten in the cleaning ladies shelter etc. Celebrated my BIRTHDAY on the 2nd, not with the normal Danish strawberry birthday cake, but with a big banana split literally set on fire.... He he he. Thanks guys for a nice birthday. I'll look into NZ.

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May 23, 2005 - Perhentian Islands

After a very long journey which consisted of an nightboat, two minibuses, a night stopover over at the harbour, then speedboat, we arrived in the Perhentian Islands. As we arrived we were greated my crystal clear watersea and golden sand. We found a lovely bunglow, which had beautiful views of the beach! The islands remain very untouch by tourists, with only one hotel, and small bunglows, and the only shop a small minimart. The main attraction is snorkelling, and we went on an amazing snorkelling trip around the islands. We saw beatuiful...

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