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Mar 27, 2005 - Malaysia, Perhentian Islands - Paradise!

Monday 27th March Caught a taxi to the ferry that took us to the Perhentian islands. Traveling in Malaysia is much harder than in Thailand. Getting from A to B is never straight-forward here. Perhaps this is why there are less tourists here! When we arrived at the ferry, there were 2 choices: the fast boat, which takes about 30 minutes, and the slow boat, which they said takes about 1 ½ hours. They recommended the slow boat because it was about to leave immediately, and the fast boat wasn't leaving for another hour or so, so we took the...

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Mar 6, 2005 - getting to Malaysia with many forms of transport...

Werner: Train: Solving the mystery that is travelling in Malaysia almost got us, but with patience and perseverance we prevailed. So you can't pay for a Malay train in Malaysia RM if you are in Singapore, but if you buy a ticket in Singapore it is S$55 and if you buy it in Malaysia the ticket is 55 RM (there are 2 RM top every S$1)....so why not go to Malaysia to buy your ticket? It is only a few km from Signapore? The taxi to the border will cost S$40.....but the bus is only a few S$ and on and on....in the end we paid the S$55 to take the...

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Oct 16, 2004 - Perethian Islands

We had arranged for a bus to take us from Krabi down to Kota Baru in Malaysia where we could get the boat over to the Perenthian Islands which are on the northeast coast of Malaysia. The islands are Muslim and therefore dry, so we smuggled some Sangsom rum in just in case!! It was end of season so everywhere was very quite and all but one of the dive places had shut until next year. The bus driver decided halfway to Malaysia that he couldn't cross the border so he was going to drop us off at the Thai border and we'd had to go over on foot!...

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Nanny Goat on tour !

Jul 29, 2004 - Perenthian Islands

After two days of rest and relaxation on the Perenthian Islands, it's back to the thrills of Intrepid travel through the cities, towns and villages of mainland Malaysia. The islands were a nice retreat from reality. I snorkeled for several hours one day in the torquoise blue water and felt like I were swimming in the movie set of "Finding Nemo". The fish of every shape, color, and size (including one shark) had no fear and even nipped at my ankles thinking they were food. I have never seen the ocean (the south china sea is where we are) so...

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The Journey

Jul 6, 2004 - Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Hi all! Oliver here, let me continue... 3 days in KL was plenty. I think that with a bigger budget it might have been a little more exciting, but overall there was only so much to do in that city on our budget. We met Chris & Shelia (who flew in from Indonesia) at the airport, where we caught a flight up to Kota Bharu in the NE part of the Malaysian Penisular. After 1 night in a cheap guest house (we arrived late at night) we set off in the morning by taxi for a 1.5 hour ride from hell to a dock where we could catch a boat to the Perhentian...

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