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Oct 17, 2008 - Life in a Sabah School

So i thought it was about time that I filled you on what being a teacher in Malaysia is all about. To begin with hits very hot out here , normally about 35 degrees with humidity of around 80%- and there is no aircon in the school or in the house i live. I am living on the school campus in what can probably be best described as a shack, it has a 2 gas hob, sink and a fridge. My bedroom has a single metal framed bed with a saggy matress and its only cold water for showers - but slowly it has become home and pictures from the kids now brighten...

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Nov 9, 2005 - Malaysia Borneo - Mantanani Is; In search of Dougie the Dugong!

Whilst diving at Sipadan, one of our group, an Englishman from Bicester, small world, mentioned to us that he had just done a dive with a very curious and friendly dugong (also known as a sea cow as they eat the sea grass. Is a bit like a manatee but with a tail more like a dolphin). Mantanani is actually a group of three isolated islands that are northwest of KK and are reached by mini bus to Kota Belud (11/2hrs) and a 45min boat trip out to sea. We were the only two booked on the trip that is actually quite an expensive dive trip...

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