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Oct 21, 2004 - Penang

We have now mastered the art of traveling so set off for Penang armed with a loaf of bread, cheese slices, a bag of cheese and onion crisps and some orange juice! The bus didn't stop in the 8 hours journey so we made butties on the bus and got some very strange looks of our fellow travelers, but we think they were just envious! We arrived in Penang in the afternoon and decided to head straight for the beach. We stayed in Batu Ferraghi (foreigner's rock). It was nice but it was very touristy and was full of Brits and Australians, all the...

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Nanny Goat on tour !

Sep 7, 2004 - Georgetown, Penang - Malaysia

Hey Yall... I'll be short this time as I am using computer at internet cafe to let yall know that Mark and I are OK! We left Kuala Lumpur for Georgetown, Penang. It is an island off the coast of Malaysia up north close to Thailand border. The island itself was OK with its own special attraction such as Snake Temple and Penang Hill not to mention a lot of food hawkers selling Malaysia's specialities as well as Indian or Chinese. We had a great time touring around the island today. We went to Snake Temple where pit vipers gathers and stay...

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Sep 6, 2004 - Penang (Malaysia)

We booked our straight through trip from Koh Phi Phi to Penang with a a travel agent near to where we were staying, as it turns out we got a really good deal. The trip started off with us getting the oat for jsut over an hour to Krabi, there we transfered with no hassle into minibus, picked a few people up in Krabi on the way and then headed off to Hat Yai, one of bthe largest towns in Thailand and very close to the malaysian bordre, as per usual Thai standrards it was straight through, that had a 1 hour stop there why they switched vans...

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Mar 25, 2004 - Running for the Boarder

katrina - chris and i are in penang malaysia. we took a bus down from krabi thailand to get a 60 day thai visa. we got on a bus at 9am, standing room only. it was supposed to be air conditioned. little did we know that that simply means "cold" air blows on you from tiny little vents overhead. if you don't have a seat, you can't feel the cool air. after about 2 hours of standing with a bunch of men sweating all over us, a seat was available. thank goodness. i forgot to wear my tennis shoes and my flip flopped feet were begining to really...

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Jan 24, 2004 - Hello from Tanjung Tokong

Subject: Hello from Tanjung Tokong Hello: Well as many of you know we spent the last 5 weeks in Sydney and we really loved the location. It was difficult leaving a place that suited us so well. However everything in life moves on one way or another. The waiting for and the actual flight to Kuala Lumpur (capital city of Malaysia) was long but relatively uneventful. We arrived at midnight our time and were too tired to deal with hawksters trying to get us take their taxi or to their hotel. By Malaysian standards we got ripped off but by...

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