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Nov 14, 2015 - Malacca

Malacca We decided that the easiest way to get to Malacca from Singapore was to take a bus – a green bilious bus. Fortunately, the highways in Malaysia are fantastic – the freeway from Johor Bahru (the Malaysian city on the outskirts of Singapore) to Malacca make the freeway between Edmonton and Calgary seem like a second world road. The highway is lined from Jahor Bahru to Malacca with palm tree plantations. Our green bus drove through a green palm forest. Malacca, now known as Melaka, is a city with roots in a pot-puree of cultures....

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Mar 11, 2014 - So This Is KL

While my first post from Malaysia was mostly from a first-impression perspective, I’ve now gotten to know Kuala Lumpur (or at least certain areas of it) much better and learning more all the time. Some of my initial observations were fairly accurate; others were hasty. And while there’s no pretending that I can navigate my way around like a local or know most of the cool little places, there are some instances where I’ve investigated an area that even people who have been here a few years haven’t yet discovered or gone deep into. In the...

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Dec 8, 2011 - Malaysia

Please note that we are having some difficulty in getting photos uploaded. This is because we've changed the computer for this trip and it will not work the same as the other. If we can't sort it we'll have to move to another site but will let you know. Monday 5th December Left Singapore this morning on the bus and crossed the causeway into Malaysia. Met a guy called Ravi who liked to practise his 'Western accent' (anyone who knows Dave well will realise that he did not appreciate this attention so it was mostly directed at me). He was...

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Jan 13, 2010 - Melaka Final Day

We are enjoying our stay more in Melaka. We met 2 wonderful artists Cinmoy and Mi Seon. They own a guesthouse, Da Som Inn and they hand paint Batik material for clothes. I just love there work and they are such great people. We found a small restaurant that we return to everyday. They specialize in one dish clap pot meals, mainly chicken and rice with various herbs. As you can see we had a enjoyable night at our hotel bar, can you pick me out.

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Jan 12, 2010 - Melaka Malaysia

Today we took the Bus to Melaka Malaysia. We had booked the bus the day we arrived in Singapore. The travel agencies in Sinagpore at a special center all bargained on the price...so finnally we found the best price for a nice bus. It had message chairs but no bathroom..I would of taken the bathroom but the chair were nice. The border crossing was really uncrowded. I think we where the only ones at the Singapore check out and a few people at the Malaysia check in point. We did not bring our spears but safeley left them with our hotel in...

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Jun 7, 2008 - Malacca

Tome un bus de 2 hr a Malacca, que era otro centro de comercio, primero de los portugueses en los 1500's, luego de los holandeses, y finalmente los ingleses. Ademas el Estrecho de Malacca, entre Malasia y Indonesia, es conocido como unas de las zonas mas peligrosas del mundo para navegar por la presencia de piratas 'new-age' (en lanchas rapidas, con ametralladoras y pintas de Bob Marley). Malacca es muy simpatico. Es como un pueblo, pero con cines, malls, y tiendas elegantes. Hay mil museos, muchos de ellos circunstanciales, pero un par...

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Jul 4, 2007 - Malacca

After our busy time in Singapore we decided we just needed to relax and do nothing for a couple of days. When we sat down and thought about it, we had done something (or several things!) everday for the last 9 weeks and we were getting a bit tired. Plus it is getting so hot here, sometimes it's a bit unbearable! Melacca was the perfect little town to chill out in for 3 days and thats what we did. With the exception of strolling around the shopping centre and one day having 3 games of Ten Pin Bowling which cost us like AU$6.00! We did also...

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