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Jun 5, 2011 - Caltagirone, Villa Romanadei Casale

Entry #18 June 5, 2011 Wow! The bus wasn't scheduled to leave until 9AM! After a couple of hours, we visited a ceramic studio in Caltagirone where we saw the ubiquitous smiling sun being made. While not our favorite piece, we learned that it is a traditional item. We also learned that the Moore Knight and the lady that we had seen in the puppy show last night are also traditional Sicilian objects of art based on a history of conquest. This revelation gave us some insight into the puppet show. There was time for a leisurely lunch and a...

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Apr 24, 2011 - Piazza Armerina

Very cold a windy...temps only in the low 60 in Central Sicily. Countryside on the drive here was beautiful with flowered covered hills and moutains. We went to see one of the largest contentrations of mosaics today. then we drove to the other end of Sicily Taoromina.

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Italy 2011

Mar 25, 2009 - Change of mind

Monday 23rd March. Woke to sunshine at last and made to leave Marsala. In some ways sad to do so as we had met some very nice martial arts people who had shared a few laughs. Before leaving town it would have been a pity to miss the archeological museum that was originally built to house a Punic warship sunk in battle 2200 years ago. Not a great lot to see of it but other relics of the period were fascinating including a Carthaginian baby’s feeding jug, a huge collection of amphora from all over the Mediterranean and some grave paintings....

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