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Apr 21, 2017 - Lecce and travel by slow trains in Puglia

The province of Puglia is known as the breadbasket of Italy - it is the source of 80% of Europe's pasta. It is also home to half the Italian olive crop - very evident when travelling by train with kilometre after kilometre of olive groves, interspersed with vines. The land is harsh and rocky, very different to the green rolling hills of Tuscany and northern Italy. Poverty and harsh living conditions resulted in many southern Italians immigrating to Australia, the United States and other wealthy countries, especially post WW2. Now, somewhat...

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Jul 10, 2016 - Lecce and the Salento

Saturday 9th July 2016 We are heading for a trip to the “heel” of Italy and rather than drag the caravan all the way there and back we are going on a car trip to Lecce. The biggest town in the area and so for a bit of luxury we have booked into the Hilton Garden Inn near the city centre and it has private parking and a roof top pool! We arrive about 11am and manage to get into our room – lovely modern with a great bathroom – no more sharing for a day and so we walk into town for lunch pretty good but a tad slow service and then a wee wander...

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Jun 13, 2016 - Lecce

Got up, headed downstairs for break and then down the road to Lecce. We spent the day wandering the streets and checking out all the monuments and historical sites. We hit the Torre del Parco. Duomo di Lecce, Chiesa di San Matteo, the Museo Faggiano, and Amphitheater. Unfortunately we couldn't go into the amphitheatre as they were preparing it for a ballot that was taking place in two days. The Museo Faggiano was fascinating. The owner was doing some repair work to the plumbing when he stumbled on ancient ruins beneath his house. He since...

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May 8, 2015 - Lecce and Ostuni

Pronounced lechie. A three hour tour... I'm pretty sure Galligan didn't get toilet stops for a three hour tour. What do you think? We have had to stop for the little old ladies... And the little old men. We waited for so long I thought I'd have to go too but I withstood the temptation. The true colours of the people are slowly emerging. We have a lady from tassie who not only knows everything but butts into everyone's conversations and is a dobber. She tries to be the teachers pet but I secretly think the guides are on to her. Constantly...

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The Italian Job

Mar 15, 2014 - Down the Boot

Down the Boot I went straight from Alessandra’s to the Republic of San Marino, a small, 24 sq mile, independent state within Italy, because Ale, her friends, and sons all said I should see it, and it was on the way south. I drove to the capital, the city of San Marino, high on a hill on the edge of the Appenine’s, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The drive was in the top 10 scariest drives for this trip, mainly because of the insane Italian drivers, and the town was perched so high, with sheer cliffs on all sides, that I actually was...

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May 28, 2012 - Lecce

I arrived yesterday around 530pm and decided to walk to my hotel.....luggage in tow , of course! Handy dandy google maps guided me, only after I thought I could do it on my own!......not so! Approached some very scary sketchy areas... Always near the trena Stazione! I walked with a purpose and gave the impressione of " I am woman, hear me roar!!!" after a trek, which I always justify by an excellent workout, I arrive at my palace!!! Literally! It used to be a synogue years ago, Then a palace, now an exquisite B&B!!! My room is amazing! 20ft...

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Oct 25, 2010 - Puglia - Heel of Italy

After the mad dash up the foot o' the boot, we bedded down for a couple of nights in a town called Monopoli. On first sight, in the dark, Puglia was looking promising. We had several articles from the travel sections of papers in the travel journal, and were looking forward to spending a while travelling down the heel, looking at all these interesting places. The landscape is very distictively different from other areas of Italy that we'd been to. Still very agricultural and rural, with the ubiquitous olive groves, but it was beautifully...

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Oct 24, 2009 - Lecce

Morning of 22 Oct we receive confirmation that we ahve the aprtment in Rome for the month of November. Pack up and off to the train station for journey to Lecce. Circumvia to Napoli and Eurostar to Lecce via Bari. On the Eurostar ride I watch & listen to a group of four rather rough looking characters speaking in an Italian dialect; piccha ya sef in Bruukalin wit da guys. As we pull out of Bari station a young lady returns to near us and exclaims " My computer bag is gone !!" So are 'Da guys' ! I've no proof but they were the only ones with...

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