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Apr 10, 2014 - La Famiglia

La Famiglia The next morning, Mena took me to Sermoneta, an exquisite jewel of a walled, hilltop town. I was snapping pictures constantly, there was so much charm around every corner. We took a tour of the Castello Caetani, a massive castle built by the Caetani family, very well preserved, with wonderful views of the valley below. After our morning of exploring, Mena drove us to have lunch with her other Nonna and Nonno, her mother’s parents. When we arrived at the freshly painted old house, near the end of a road halfway up a hill, her...

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Apr 8, 2014 - Family Time

Family Time I decided to take a night ferry from Palermo to Naples, rather than driving up the island, crossing to Calabria and driving to Naples on the mainland. It was the simplest, easiest way to get where I wanted to go, which was Terracina, on the coast about two hours south of Rome. I was staying with a family friend of Lisa’s, a young university girl named Mena. I left Cefalu after lunch with Mimmo and drove west along the coast. I wanted to see Monreale, a hill town on the edge of the port town of Palermo. The Cathedral of Monreale...

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Mar 12, 2012 - North to Terrancina

We waved goodbye to Villa Donna Elisa at 7am and joined the commuter traffic for the trip to Naples airport. If we needed to get there in a hurry the roads likely would have been clogged, instead it was clear sailing and we pulled into the car return at 8:15. Dave and Julie’s flight was scheduled for noon so we certainly had plenty of spare time. We returned one car, took the shuttle to the airport, booked another car for ourselves then hopped on the shuttle bus back to car rental. In between we had a quick stand up breakfast and said our...

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Aug 28, 2005 - From ZiaTina's in ettuno to Zio Vittorio's place in Avezzano

Well we arrived to Zia Tina's place, located in Nettuno, on the coast approx. 25 km's from Rome. Apparently all the Romans go there for their holidays, if you could imagine our version of Rosebud. The only difference is the port has multi-million yatchs, amazing to see. The first day at Zia Tina's was fine but she is the "ultimate in ball breaker", she is known as the matriach in the De Florio family. What she says goes, so the first day wasn't to bad but as the days went on, it became an absolute nightmare!!! It was literally a nightmare,...

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Aug 2, 2005 - Sperlonga, Italy. A gem on the coast.

We decided that we needed a break from historical sights and busy cities, so we ventured south of Rome to the coast. We found a tiny little town, perched on a cliff above the Mediterranean called Sperlonga. This town looked like what we imagined Greece to be like- white washed buildings, narrow alleys, and amazing views of a calm blue sea. We weren't the only people who fell in love with Sperlonga, it was a place where ancient Roman emperors used to vacation too. There were ruins here of their summer residences and grottos. All this was...

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May 16, 2004 - Shari makes it to the "Tabacchi" (Was: Peeking at Sorrento)

New Entry: We found the Tabacchi! ______________________ I am having fun with this live webcam view of Sorrento. I have even found Rhett finally getting excited and indulging in the occasional peek. We are determined to find this "Tabacchi" and have our 5 seconds of fame. Check it out: http://www.sorrentoinfo.com/webcam2.asp USRN: guest PSWRD: access

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