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Dec 14, 2010 - Chidambaram

I was unable to stay another night at the guest house so I went ahead and traveled by bus to Chidambaram. I walked around for an hour in the heat and humidity before finally finding a guest house. I am staying at the Mansour Lodge on East Car Street. Tomorrow,I am leaving for Kumbakonam where I may stay for a few days just to rest. There is a huge temple here dedicated to Shiva, the Lord of the Dance. It has classical dance motif designs all over it. The temple is run and owned by Brahmans (the highest Hindu caste). They shave the sides and...

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Kia Shnette 2010

Dec 13, 2008 - An adventurous day - a special day

HIGHLIGHTS ā€¢ Nataraja Temple ā€“ the last temple for a while DETAIL This will be an adventurous day as I have to make a connection in the back of beyond. Iā€™m getting the hang of it ā€“ and what is it? Who speaks English and I see a bunch of kids, 23 year olds and think to myself, a) at least one of the group must speak English and b) they are young and most probably one of them does speak English. One does so I ask the usual: is this the correct platform, what time does it arrive, what time will we make Mayiladthuri, and finally is Mayiladthuri...

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May 23, 2005 - head wobble

I was sick again last night. It was all over in a minute. It left me with an aching lower back and I was tired all day, which was a shame because it's my last day with Sarah. I decided not to go to Auroville. I'll do some meditation classes somewhere later on, rather than hold up my trip. Auroville is not at it's best in the off-season. I packed my things and looked for a bus to Chidambaram. That's the easiest way to get on a the train line that will eventually get me to Goa. I asked a conductor which bus would head there, and he said 'this...

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