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Apr 7, 2006 - Honduras: San Pedro Sula

Well, another photo less entry for a brief stop over at one of the biggest industrial cities for Honduras. I need to make these entriees in order to plot the location on the map! We arrived after short bus ride and made a quick search of the hotels in our Lonely Planet guide.....we ended up in a suggested Hotel SAn Jose which Ethan felt must have been a jail in it's previous life. No worries...at east we'll be safe! We took in the sites after failing at ATM transactions and travelers checks rejections and stopped for some cerveza and rum at...

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Apr 20, 2005 - Honduras - San Pedro de Sula

Copanbol jovet a buszon megismerkedtem egy fiatal sraccal. Belyegzoket keszit es azt arulja az orszagban ossze-vissza. Annyira osszehaverkodtunk, hogy meghivott estere magahoz. Mivel csak keso estere ertem volna Tela-ba, ugy dontottem maradok egy ejaszakat. Jol tettem, a srac nagyon kozvetlen volt (nem buzi - a baratnojevel volt) adott vacsorat, majd a helyikkel kosarazatam egy kicsit este. Utan sokat beszelgettem vele, persze az osszes szomszed atjott, tiszta allatkert. Reggel huztam tovabb Telaba a Karib-tengeren partjan egy kis varosba.

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Nov 24, 2004 - San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Another day, another country, another border crossing and another currency... I have to stay here overnight for a couple of reasons, firstly to get some cash before I push onto Guatemala and Tikal and because Tica Bus ends here, a long 18hours from Managua, Nicaragua.

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Jun 23, 2004 - San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Ellen: So after the buses, boats, and trucks, all of which were dirty, dusty and hotter than hell, and the last one with far more people aboard than should have been, we arrived in San Pedro Sula, the commercial capital of Honduras. I was getting pretty cranky at this point (no, really!) so we found a hotel with a/c. (I´m really starting to think that this climate this time of year is not that fun!) Then, to really put a smile on my face, we ate lunch at McDonald´s! It´s really my favorite comfort food. Yummy cheeseburger and fries! People...

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Jun 12, 2004 - San Pedro Sula

What a horrible place. I am having a terrible time here and it seems that if you go anywhere in Honduras, you have to go through this city. They won´t even let me have a room in a hotel without my passport.I trudged everywhere and asked in lots of places but seem to just have to wander the streets all night.

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