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Sep 7, 2011 - San Pedro

Once arriving in San Pedro La Laguna (another Mayan town on Lake Atitlan) we decided to hire a guide and climb Volcan San Pedro (3,020 meters), which is one of the three volcanoes that surround Lake Atitlan. The original plan was to summit the volcano in time for the sunrise, but we didn´t plan accordingly. Instead, after one of the hardest hikes that either of us have done, when we finally reached the top, not only was it daylight, but there was absolutely no view because of the dense clouds. We only stayed at the summit for about 25...

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Jul 16, 2011 - Panajachel et le Lac Atitlan

Bonjour a tous! Nous revenons d;un petit sejour aupres du fameux lac Atitlan! Pour s;y rendre, quelle aventure nous avons vecue! Etant toujours partant pour s;imerger dans la culture, nous avons opte pour les "chicken buses" afin de se rendre a destination! Il s;agit d;autobus scolaire completement modifies et peintures de toutes les couleurs imaginables sillonant les routes tres vertigineuses du Guatemala!!! On laisse le confort de cote et on s;entassent les uns sur les autres dans les bancs d;autobus! 3 par banc, cest la normale ici! Et...

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Jun 30, 2011 - Lake Atitlán Homestay

The Lake Atitlán homestay was easily one of the most interesting experiences I had on the GAP tour. We split up in groups of two and each stayed with a real family. Most families spoke little to no English and we got to sleep in regular houses and eat home cooked food. I had an amazing time and for the first time on my trip really got a chance to try out some Spanish. It was really fun and the family I stayed with had a six year old girl who loved to colour and play (I actually learned a few Spanish words from her too). The meal was...

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Jun 30, 2011 - San Pedro - Day Trip

I ended up taking a small half day trip to some of the nearby towns including San Pedro. It was nice to take a relaxing trip by boat and visit some of the different communities. I had the opportunity to try out more street food and came across a really interesting dish that looked like a giant taco but was made in a very different style than most of the food I had eaten so far. Most people I was with liked it so much that we had more than one :-). Pictures of the places around Lake Atitlán can be found here.

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May 15, 2011 - Guatemala

Im Land der Vulkane… …eine schwere Entscheidung haben wir zu treffen. Guatemala ist sooo schön und eigentlich wollen wir ja nicht weg, doch wir sind zum Radeln hier und die letzte Bergetappe hat ganz schön an unseren Kräften gezehrt. Puh…….  Unsere Zeit wird langsam knapper und knapper und vor uns liegt noch das große Land Mexico auf unserem Weg nach Californien. Noch einmal entscheiden wir uns für den Bus, welcher uns vom wunderschönen Lake Atitlan über die Grenze ins nahe gelegene San Christobal/Mexico bringen soll. Guatemala hatte viel...

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May 7, 2011 - Lake Atitlan - San Pedro

Gorgeous! After an incredibly bumby boat ride, we arrived on the tropical shore of San Pedro, the other side of the lake to Panajachel. Our first night was spent in a hostel other travellers had recommended to us, and it was horrific. 2.50 pounds, but the beds were so so hard, I woke up the next morning with a bruised hip! So we went on a hostel hunt, and after bargaining wonderfully, came to 20 Quetzales a night (for 4 nights min) for a twin ensuite with a roof, kitchen and only us in it. (20 quetzales is about 1.60 pounds) So here we...

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Nov 10, 2010 - Day 10

Day 10 - San Cristobal de las Casas to Panajachel, Guatemala Starting Odometer: 32100 Miles traveled today: 270 Left at 6:00 a.m. and sniffed out the closest coffee. Of course it’s at the OXXO! No problema - we needed good old PEMEX 92 octane anyway before we head into Guatemala and have to settle for whatever's available. Good thing these old boxers can run on turpentine if they have to! The ride down the mountains was just as enjoyable as when we arrived. Except for one thing – leaving early, especially when hydrated, nourished and rested...

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Aug 16, 2010 - Panajachel - Guatemala

August 11, 2010 We arrived in Panajachel yesterday in the early afternoon and unloaded the bike and waked around for the rest of the afternoon and hit the hay early. Panajachel sits on the banks of Lago de Atitan. The lake is 8km’s north to south and 18km’s east to west and averages 300m in depth. It took about 2 ½ hours to get here from Antigua. The lake is surrounded by volcanoes and steep valleys. There are a lot of foreigners here and everything is geared to the tourist whether they are Guatemalan, Salvadorian for otherwise. Today we...

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Jun 4, 2010 - San Pedro #5 - and final

San Pedro La Laguna journal. 01-04 de junio, 2010. Tuesday: School, La Playa Bar for grub, Jarachik to study, appearance at fund raiser for the landslide families put on by students (not very successful), more study, bed. Wednesday: I took a morning walk up the main road from the Panajachel boat ramp to ‘the’ coffee shop for café con leche made with San Pedro beans. Best coffee in town. Did the daily class at school from 8:00-1:00, stayed at the school to study from 1:00-4:30. There was a loud horn that kept going off every few minutes for...

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Jun 1, 2010 - San Pedro #4

San Pedro La Laguna journal. 30-31 de Mayo, 2010. Sunday: Wow! So all that rain the last two days was tropical storm Agatha. We didn’t know it until Sunday when we were looking for news on the volcano situation. Pretty crazy having all these natural disasters happening at the same time – and with volcanic eruptions in Equador and Costa Rica to boot. The rain was a bad thing for the volcano situation because it made the ash into a cement-like mush; but a good thing because it washed off the ash from all the coffee crops. According to the...

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Jun 1, 2010 - Help for San Pedro

It's a perfectly beautiful day today in San Pedro - warm and sunny with a nice lake breeze. Hard to believe that there was so much destruction just a few days ago. Efforts are still underway to look for the missing girl and dig out the muck from the homes that are still standing. Anyone who would like to send in a donation to the families of San Pedro who lost their homes, the Cooperativa Escuela can receive and will distribute donations through their website. Feel free to publish the below link on Facebook and/or forward as you like....

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May 29, 2010 - San Pedro #3

27-29 de Mayo, 2010. Here are some earlier items that I neglected to mention in previous posts. Monday night we ate dinner at La Jardin, a French restaurant where you sit on cushions in front of a low table, with the table area being open all around with a roof held up by four posts. Traci and I were seated on one side of the table and while we waited for Jake a dog came and sat on Jake’s side as well as you please. He looked like he had joined us and was waiting for the waitress to bring him a drink. Jake shooed him away when he arrived....

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