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Dec 7, 2007 - Guatemala - Lago Atitilan

As we approached the end of our journey we decided to slow the pace and spent 7 days in the town of San Pedro on the shores of Lago Atitilan. This lake was described in the guidebook as the most beautiful in the world ... whoever wrote that has clearly never visited the South Island of New Zealand! San Pedro has been taken over by expat hippies from around the world, pushing the locals up the hill and away from the lake. A real shame which has destroyed much of the culture and beauty of the town. The area is famous for the coffee grown all...

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Nov 15, 2007 - Boating around Lago de Atitlan

So I've being hanging around lago de atitlan for a few days now. Yesterday I took a boat ride to a few places around the lake. Now my mate Darryl will tell you I'm the person you need to have your cameras out for when I'm boarding a boat. However so far no major problems with boats at all. No wobbles no near misses no falling off wharves nothing. Should I have said that before I take a fewe more boat trips today and tomorrow? Probably not. Also for those wondering how I`m going with the weird fish in the lake that do weird things to...

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Apr 30, 2006 - San Pedro, Lago Atitlan

San Pedro is set right on the Lago Atitlan. We have been really excited to come here, and have heard many other travelers raving about it. We scored the best hotel in town which is only $5 a night for both of us with an amazing view of the lake and a balcony for hammock time. Being that we are coming close to the end of our trip we have decided to spend a little less then 2 weeks here relaxing before its back to the real world, AGH!!! Enough of the real world talk, back to San Pedro. This small town along the lake is full of Mayan culture...

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May 16, 2005 - Week Thirty-seven

Day 254: April 11, 2005 San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala Monday morning I got up at 6am and studied for a little bit before I left for my first class. The classes were one-on-one and I had the same teacher for both the morning and afternoon sessions. We started off by talking to find out where I was with my conversation skills and later I took a test to find out where we should begin my grammar lessons. While we were talking my teacher asked me if I had studied in El Salvador previously and I told her that although I have lived there for...

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Apr 25, 2005 - Le lac Atitlan et ses jolis villages autour

Petite semaine au calme dans le village de San Pedro de Laguna. J'ai choisi un petit hotel dans les hauteurs et dans le centre du village, ce qui me permet d'aller d'installer mes premieres petites habitudes dumatin. Au programme d'une journee type : Je me leve, en sortant de ma chambre depuis ma terrasse je peux admirer le magnifique lac (tout en me brossant les dents les cheveux enfin bref dehors quoi !) . Je pars au petit mercado local acheter mon jus d'orange pressees... TERRIBLE !!! quelques oeufs, quelques petits pains "Dulce" ie des...

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Trip Journal

Lenalatina 2005

Apr 7, 2005 - Central America.... Proudly brought to you by: (insert Pepsi, Coke or your favourite beer here)!

Sunday 03.04.05 Despite being close to freezing as we emerged from the warmth of our sleeping bags at Fuentes Georginas, we couldn't resist going down for one last swim in the hot springs. Down the mountain on the way to Xela, a Mayan family climbed aboard our pickup, laughing as we hung on to the rails for dear life and dodged overhanging plants. It appears carbonated beverages run Central America. Everywhere one turns, there are advertisements for Pepsi, Coca Cola and the local cervezas, such as Gallo here. It probably should come as no...

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Mar 29, 2005 - Guatemala - San Pedro de Laguna

Hat igen veget ert a nyugalmas 3 het. Ahogy irtam, nyelvtanulassal toltottem ezt szuk 3 hetet. Nagyon megszerettem San Pedrot, nagyon kis nyugalmas varos, Antiquatol kb. 4 orara csirkebusszal. Maga a varos egy nagy to partjan egy - mar nem mukodo - vulkan labanal fekszik. A tavolban tovabbi ket vulkan magasodik egymas mellett, valamint a to korul vegig meredek hegyek huzodnak. Valamikor ez egy osszefuggo vulkanrendszer volt, de beomlott es feltoltodott vizzel. Roviden, beszaras ahogy kinez. Nem lattam meg egy ehhez hasonlo helyet ahhol 3...

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Jun 13, 2004 - Panajachel / Jaibalito, Guatemala

Caught 2 chicken buses to get to Panajachel, on El Lago de Atitlan. Stunning place. Beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and 4 volcanos, and quiet local villages. Took a boat ride to a couple of the other villages; Santa Catarina and San Pedro. Santa Catarina really nice, we were the only tourists there. Hitched a ride back 'cause we thought it was a cab again. No wonder the guy was laughing when we got in the back of his pick up truck. Didn't see too much of San Pedro 'cause we spent the time there in a Thermal Waters place we had to...

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