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Nov 10, 2004 - Lago de Atitlan - Panajachel

Weer een vroege ochtend en een lange reis voor de boeg. Met het vliegtuig van Flores naar Guatemala City en dan door met een zogenaamde Turismo bus naar Panajachel. Een overstap in Antigua waar we later op de reis nog zullen terugkeren, maar dat ons al meteen kon bekoren. Enig idee trouwens hoeveel toeristen men in zo'n Turismo bus, een Toyota minibusje, krijgt? 14! Tel daarbij nog de chauffeur en alle bagage en je weet hoe laat het is. Het wordt helemaal spannend als je merkt dat ze met gemak van een tweevaksbaan, een drievaksversie maken....

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Nov 5, 2004 - Antigua >> Lake Atitlan....With the Germans...

Had to wake up at 5:50am to catch the 7:00am shuttle bus to Panajachel, the gateway to the Lake Atitlan. The plan was that I would give myself plenty of time to find the meeting point, clearly marked by Martin on my map. Although it was only a street away from my hostel, I very cleverly managed to walk all around the north west of the city with my huge pack before finally being met by the bus driver 10 mins late. The Pullman bus would take us on a 2 hours 30 mins ride through the dramatic region of Guatemala´s highlands, full of grand...

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Yat's Big Trip

Oct 5, 2004 - Observations...Guate

Well, after much discussing and some great laughter sessions we have decided to incorporate a new entry on the website entitled, observations. The purpose of this is to have record of those things that just didn´t seem to make much sense in countries we travel to. As of yet we have only been to (or observed) Guatemala and therefore we wanted to take a minute and write down some of these ´thoughts´. 1. Money. As a traveller in Guate the easiest and most common way to get Quatzels is from a bank machine (ATM). It is quite a simple process...

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Sep 6, 2004 - Panajachel

Peaceful Panajachel. Apart from the torrential thunderstorms and the incessant banging of drums as the local populace practiced for the next Fiesta. Throw in a few mortar-sized fireworks to celebrate Guatemala's football qualification victories and it was a pretty noisy, dangerous and wet place to be. Just as well we spent most of our time in the tranquil tropical gardens of our language school, where we were taught that speaking loudly and pointing wasn't going to work. Chris found out that "tengo caliente" does not mean "I'm hot". A week...

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Jun 13, 2004 - Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Love Guatemala but some of the places we couldn't even say, never mind spell. Flying visit on the way to El Lago de Atitlan. Had to catch our first local 'chicken bus' to get there. Packed out - worse than the tube, but cost us 10p for a 1hr bus journey. Market day - lots of colour from the local Mayan people. Didn't buy anything because a) didn't see anything we liked b) can't carry any more anyway and c) couldn't be arsed shopping for too long 'cause England were playing France that day. Watched that - rubbish.

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Jun 6, 2004 - "Or we could be at work..."

Ellen: What a weekend! First, though: we are getting our camera cord UPS´d by mom and dad (thank you!) so we will add pictures to this entry soon. If interested, please check back - there will be a camera icon next to the date when they´re there. Second - and this is going to sound worse than it was - we woke up Saturday morning to every street corner of Antigua complete with its own machine-gun armed soldier. I said Honduras must be invading, but it turns out that it was just for a visit from the President of China (or so we were...

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