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Oct 4, 2006 - My Trip to Tilapa

So, check this out. On Wednesday I went to Tilapa on the coast to check out a Natural Reserve of Mangrove trees. They are all over South America but no where is there such a concentration of Mangrove forests as in Guatemala. Awesome. So we take a pick up for two hours to the end of the highway then pile into a lancha, a skinny, tipsy boat with a motor and head off into the reserve. It was completely surreal and absolutely gorgeous. We went into this channel for about an hour which exists solely because there is a indigenous village about an...

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Nov 24, 2005 - Monterico

Monterico goes into my list of excellent places. For a start it was really hot compared to Antigua. It has black sand which is a first for me. The waves are massive (I almost died out there). And I ended up getting to know Lindsey and Gabby from here to San Pedro which was really cool. Observations about Central America 1. Out here they have both Macdonalds and Burger King but only in the bigger towns and cities. There is no KFC because the locals have their own version *Pollo Campero* which undercut them so much they were forced to leave...

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