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Jun 18, 2004 - Mama and papa deer

Ellen: This was a very exciting little adventure for us! Kevin and I went to volunteer at an animal rescue center called ARCAS - Asociación de Rescate y Conservación de vidA Silvestre (Association for the Rescue and Conservation of Wildlife). I don´t know why they call it "volunteer" since you actually pay to go and do a lot of gross work - I guess it makes it sound more noble! Most of the animals are rescued by the police from smugglers, though some are found in people´s homes as pets or abandoned. I heard about it on a flyer at our school...

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Jun 16, 2004 - Mayan ruins of Tikal

Kevin: So we "slept in" until 600 am, finally set off at 9am, which sounds cool and inviting until you recall (from the previous entry) that we are IN THE JUNGLE. But the heat, humidity, bugs and all that are definitely worth it. It is really an amazing place, a neat glimpse of one of the Mayan superpowers, which had over 100,000 residents at its height. And from the heights of Temple IV, it is shocking to think that the culture that built this city, though very advanced mathematically and astronomically, had not discovered the WHEEL. How...

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May 27, 2004 - Guatemala Flores

The most amazing theing is that I actually made it here. I set out very early this morning from Palenque in Mexico and had a fairly leisurely drive for four hours to a small village by the river, where we climbed into the boats waiting at the water`s edge for us. WE enjoyed the jungle trip on the river and revelled in the adventure. That is until we got to the Guatemalan side of the river where we were left on the riverbanks with all our gear to await a bus- from where we had no clue. Still, after a while a bus did arrive, but not for us-...

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