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Jun 23, 2006 - Venus de Milo on the beach

Venus de Milo Well, my visit to the Greek islands ended up being fantastic. Really enjoyed myself. I started out on the island of Santorini. It is, as the word on the street goes, a beautiful island. The white cubist homes hugging the volcanic terrain of the island are breath taking. I stayed at a camping area a little bit outside of the main town. I checked out a few of the beaches and watched a divine sunset from Oia (a must for anyone who ventures there!) And in general just walked around soaking up the scenery/atmosphere. However, the...

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Bon Voyage 2005-2006

Nov 16, 2005 - Crete

Well after a long day in airports, we finally arrived in the city of Chania on the Island of Crete. Beat and tired we were really disheartened to find that one of our bags was missing, we had kind of organized our two bags into one for clothes, bathroom items and the other one for our books, laptop, other electronics...guess which one was missing...luckily we had our camera in our carry on but all of it's extra memory, batteries, and attachments were in the missing bag. Another really distressing thing we soon realized was that all of our...

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Sep 13, 2005 - Santorini - but lets pretend i'm still in Creta

Hey there guys, Last night after a gruelling 10 hours of travelling i arrived in Santorini - in body rather than spririt. Me and bus trips never work well at the best of times - but after a hard night on the Raki - a local cretan variety of - with a lovely German couple things were not looking very good when i woke at 6am to catch fours hours of bus and another four of ferry. Anyway - i did make it in one peice and have arrived in the island of whitewash, blue shutters and perfect sunsets. When i left off last time i was in the lovely...

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May 20, 2005 - Leaving Plakias

Well today I leave here for the rest of my trip, I have to catch the ferry tonight at 8:00 pm and will be on it for about 12 hours then catch another one for 8 hours. I am heading up to Cofu for 2 days then on to Italy. My stay here was great and the people I met I will remember for the rest of my life. In the last two days I went horse back riding in the early a.m. and now manage to have a sore but from it, after riding four of us Chris (Germany), John(Ireland), Sybella(Germany) and myself rented a car and drove for a few hours to a beach...

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Apr 13, 2005 - Chania (Crete) 9th April

Up this morning and headed straight to the port to catch our ferry to Crete. We arrived at the Port at 2pm and our ferry left at 9pm (more waiting). We got on board around 5pm so at least we could relax. The cruise was slow and long stayed up till about 1am then I goyt about foue hours sleep. We arrived at the Chania Port at 5.30am

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Mar 26, 2005 - Ferry - Kissamos

The ferry wasn't quite as big as the Italy-Greece ferry but still fairly comfortable on a deck fare. The Mediterranean remained very calm throughout the voyage. We hired a portable DVD player and got a couple of movies in. We gave City By The Sea 6/10 and Man Of Fire 8.5/10

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Feb 21, 2005 - Hania - western Crete

I spent another day hiking around the coastal mountains, gorges and old monastaries of western Crete, outside of Hania. Much more recent human activity, but still very interesting - and I had the whole place to myself for four hours; the sea, the gorge, the ruins.

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Dec 11, 2004 - Hania, Crete

The ride to Hania was uneventful and when I got there I used my guidebook and compass to find the Hotel Kriti about a 10 min. walk (once I found my bearings) from the bus station. That night the hotel recommended a restaurant not far away for dinner. It was a typical Greek restaurant where the locals go and I ordered calamari over rice with salad. Pretty good. The next day I found the old town and small Venetian port that is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops. Very picturesque. I ate at a nice place and talked to the owner, Mario,...

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