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Jun 29, 2020 - On the Road Again

Just letting our ole (and old) RVing friends know that Lois passed way in January 2019. I have been trying to decide what to do and have now decided to go back to full timing. That's something that Lois and I loved doing before she got sick. I have only another 8 states to sleep in down here in the lower 48 and then up to Alaska. Lois and I tried to hit all of them, but had to come in off the road too soon. I am going to finish our journey. Hope to see all of you who are still on the road somewhere. Safe travels ya'll. Larry Staples

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Oct 6, 2019 - Speyer, Germany

Speyer was founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago. It is one of Germany's oldest cities. Speyer is dominated by the Speyer Cathedral. In the Cathedral, beneath the high altar, are the tombs of eight Holy Roman Emperors and German kings. There is a legend about the eight men, as represented by the sculpture we took a picture of in the garden. The other sculpture is of the ferry-man on the river. The ferry-man was waiting for some business when he heard shouts from the other side of the river. He saw eight men who were calling him for a...

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Oct 5, 2019 - Boppard, Germany

Marksburg is a castle on the Rhine River which is part of the Rhine Gorge UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortress was used for protection rather than as a residence for royal families. It is one of only two fortress castles that has never been destroyed and the only one that had never fallen into disrepair. It March 1945, the castle was badly damaged by American artillery fired from across the Rhine. But of course it was repaired after the war. It is the best castle I've ever visited. We got to go through secret doors and dark narrow...

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Oct 4, 2019 - Bernkastel, Germany

Bernkastel is a well-known wine growing center in the middle Moselle River Valley. It dates back to about 370 AD. And again, as in all of Europe, has layers and layers of history. It was not damaged in WWII. The castle ruins shown in the pictures was from a fire in 1692. The castle was never restored. We saw the medieval marketplace with its gabled timber-framed houses from the 17th century. We visited the Doctor Vineyards. The legend is that a prominent citizen of Bernkastle became very ill and no one knew how to heal him. A vintner came...

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Oct 2, 2019 - Trier, Germany

Karl Marx is Trier's most famous citizen. He was one of the great minds of his time (1818-1883). As I said under the picture of his statue, he was a philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary. His critical theories about society, economics and politics-collectively understood as Marxism- hold that human societies develop through class struggle. He has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history, and his work has been both applauded and criticized. His...

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Oct 1, 2019 - Mosel River Valley

Cochem was settled in 886; no I didn't leave out the 1; during early Celtic and Roman times. During WWII, great parts of Cochem's old town were destroyed. Also, during the war, the Nazi's set up a concentration camp here. It held 13,000 people who were imprisoned. They worked as slave labor for the Bosch company making spark plugs for the bombs that flew to England and bombed London. The Castle we saw today towering over the scenic town of Cochem is not the castle that originally stood there in the 12th century. That castle had a long and...

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Sep 6, 2019 - Koblenz and the Upper Middle Rhein

Temps went down to the mid 40's overnight, but recovered to sunny and 65. We decided to pass on the Marksburg Castle climb and walked a bit of Koblenz on our own. Its important geographic feature is the Deutschen Eck, the confluence of the Rhein and the Mosel. We saw the statue of Wilhelm the First as well as the Berlin Wall recognition and memorials to the Jews who were deported and murdered. The rest of the day (and night) were spent cruising the Rhein, into the Main via numerous locks. (There are 67 from beginning of cruise to end.) As...

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Sep 2, 2019 - Visit friends and on to the Moselle

One last breakfast in Oberprechtal, and some more visiting with the Kerns, and we were ready to head north as we wrapped up our 3-week trip. Frau Kern was very excited to show us photos of an Easter fest she had created 14 years ago, and we saw a local newspaper's coverage of the castle fest we had attended yesterday. Although this visit had been as a customer, it was far, far more than that, and I think M&M saw that. With the car all packed, we said our goodbyes with some moist eyes, knowing this may be the last time we see one another. It...

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Aug 15, 2019 - Bucket list item: checked off

We all slept soundly, or mostly so. We realized when we went to bed that two rail lines were just across the street, and there were MANY trains during the night. I think the reason they bothered me little is that they were not whistling as they went past. The other train sounds were not a problem, but we'll see how we do tonight. We met downstairs at 0800 for a traditional German breakfast. Linda and I knew what to expect, but M&M were pleasantly surprised. Tomas, the son of the owner's family set out anything we could possibly want. We...

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Aug 14, 2019 - WE ARE HERE!!

Our Condor flight landed about 30 minutes early and that came in handy. The Frankfurt Airport (FRA) has grown into a monster of size since we were here in the 70s and 80s, then again in the 90s, and finally in 2011. Linda actually remembers the airport from the 1960 when she was 12 years old. OK, now I'm digressing, but not too much. The trip from our gate at B43 was easy enough to follow, but it wound around and around. So long as we kept our eyes on "Baggage Claim", we were on track. With our hand-carried stuff only, we got through...

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Jun 17, 2019 - Marksburg Castle and the Rhine Gorge

This morning we visited Marksburg Castle. We were a little concerned because the tour was listed as demanding, but we were fine. The castle was begun in the 1200s. It was built overlooking the Rhine, but it was not built to extract tolls from river traffic, rather it was built to defend a lead and silver mine. A bus took us part way up, then we walked -- up. Going through the castle, the floors and ramps were very uneven stone. We saw the kitchen, with a fireplace big enough for an ox. The lord’s bedroom had a stove that could be...

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May 17, 2019 - Day 3 - Mainz

Day 3 - Friday 18 May 19 - Mainz Slept quite deeply waking at 0545 hrs. Both felt we had a good nights sleep but still lethargic and in need of motivation. We are already feeling as if the wow factor of discovering Europe is fading. We seem to be struggling but put it down to tiredness. Currency research - bought 200€ on credit card which is in debit - cost $333.87. Same $A amount buys 195.67E on TCard Breakfast in the hotel included a sandwich and coffe with pastries. All provided with our accomodation though not advertised through...

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