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Aug 6, 2009 - Bremen

I'm sitting on the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen. Some of the German ICE trains have wifi, which is very cool, so I can surf the Internet, check email or update my journal while flying through the German countryside. They had removed my train car going from Bremen to Hamburg, so I had to stand the whole way because the other cars were packed. It was less than an hour, so not a big deal, but I'd hate to have to stand the 3+ hours to Copenhagen. Going through my photos, I realized I haven't taken many pictures yet. I only took one of...

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Baltic Europe 2009

Oct 3, 2007 - BREMEN - OOPS

HI EVERYONE this is fun - someone put the keys in the wrong place on this key board. German language keyboards have some of the keys in the wrong places and the menu options are a little difficult to read so if this ends up all over the place please accept what ever happens Today we have a stop over in Bremen enroute from Paris to Oslo. The weather is brilliant so went into town this morning to have a look around before heading out at 1545. Tram to town and found it very quite at 1000. Found the info centre and behold - today is...

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Apr 28, 2007 - ***Saturday - German Immigration Museum in Bremerhaven

Saturday dawned beautiful and with the owner knocking on my door. I slept a solid 10 hours! That Hunebedden searching wore me out! No actually Tommy was calling. As you may have figured out - we decided not to go to London. But Tommy will be meeting up with me in a few days in Hamburg and then will tour through Denmark - Jutland - with me. I drove to the nearest small town with a supermarket and got some Dutch coffee for a friend who requested it. Saw my first traffic accident in the parking lot of the supermarket. Those Dutch seem to be...

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Aug 26, 2005 - Frankfurt Main

Not too much to say as I only saw the airport (albeit for 7 hours!). Had an opportunity to practice some German which was met by a mixed response largely dominated by indifference and contempt. I then decided to speak English, which was still met by indifference and contempt but had the benefit of me knowing exactly what to say. I should add that my attempts were more welcomed by the young, so there's hope for the future. Aiport was huge but but bland and primitive (a bit like the Germans themselves). I found their manners intolerable...

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Jul 10, 2005 - Bremen

Start: Bremen End: Bremen For the first time in a long time, it didn't rain overnight. It was sunny in the morning and it stayed sunny. Rode into Bremen with just the handlebar bag and one pannier - about a quarter of the usual weight, so the bike felt very light and easy to pedal. The bike route into Bremen was well signposted and covered about 20km. I was looking for somewhere to bathe because I hadn't the night before, due to late finish, and was sweaty, sticky and probably smelly. On the edge of the city I found a public lake and...

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