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Nov 26, 2011 - Exploring Annecy

Had a phone call from the kids at home - our missing luggage is still in Sydney, and the airline wants to know what to do with it (no Julie, they can't stick it there, won't fit). By the time they organise to send it over here, we will be on the road to who knows where, it will be playing catch-up until we get back home. Resigned to the fact we won't see it until we return. oh well, gives us a reason to go exploring in Annecy - shopping for clothes and sundry items. Annecy by daylight is a much different place to explore - we even find a...

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Nov 25, 2011 - Settling in to Hotel Beau Site

After an hours drive around Lake Annecy we get to our hotel in Talloires, a small village just outside the town of Annecy (http://www.talloires-lac-annecy.com/home-a-en.html). Its a 19th century mansion which has been converted to a hotel - quite charming. The large windows in the room overlook the lake and the mountains beyond - breathtaking. the room itself isn't very large, which doesn't matter as we only have on piece of luggage anyway. After settling in, we're both pretty tired, but we decide to push on and head into Annecy to do some...

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