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Jan 15, 2020 - Lourdes

Day 5 - Wed 15th Jan We were planning another night stop on the way to Lourdes but as it was mostly motorway driving we made good time & carried on past our planned night stop all the way to Lourdes. The weather was fine & sunny & despite the remarkably high number of lorries we cruised most of the day at 55mph. Presumably we were on the main route to Bordeaux & Spain which would account for the high lorry traffic as they wouldn’t want to use the Toll motorway which ran alongside us most of the way. We stopped off at a Retail Park for a...

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Aug 19, 2017 - Pyrenees here I come, via 4 trains and a bus!

Travelling all day from Switzerland I finally arrive at Luz St Sauveur. The Mecca for cyclists who want to ride Col du Tourmalet, and various other famous mountain passes in the vicinity. Helen was waiting in the sun in the square outside our gîte, to greet me. Checked in and went for a bit of a walk around before dinner. The owner of the gîte remembered us from last time and was delighted to see us again with a warm welcome. A French guy and his son were assigned to our room. Both here for mountaineering. Their guide joined us for dinner...

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May 26, 2017 - Lourdes

Day 8 - Fri 26 May 17 After checking out of our hotel, we walked to the St Jean car park to rescue the car. On the way we returned to my coffee shop of yesterday,next to the car park entry, for a coffee and croissant each. I drew money while we awaited the coffee. As we had left our cases at the hotel, we picked them up as we left the city. Driving over rising street bollards added a little excitement to our departure for the 177km drive to Lourdes. Our first task was to re-fuel which also added some excitement when the automatic petrol...

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Aug 4, 2016 - Lourdes and two chiming clocks

Today we headed for Lourdes which is a town in the Midi-Pyrénées region of southwest France, not too far from Spain. It is a major Catholic pilgrimage site and yes there were lots of people visiting the day we were there. It was an overcast gloomy day and there were was a constant procession of nuns and nurses wheeling wheelchair bound pilgrims around. There were lots of services going on. Inside the main church, mass was in Italian. Outside near the grotto, mass was in Spanish. Lourdes was were back in 1858 a shepherd girl, Bernadette...

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Dec 4, 2010 - Lourdes

Since it was my second last weekend before going back to Paris to come home, I decided to take a day trip to Lourdes - the second most visited city in France after Paris. I went by myself this time and made an afternoon of it (It is only a half hour there and 12 euros roundtrip from Pau). The major draw of this town is the grotto. Here, Bernadette claimed to have seen the Virgin Saint 18 times in the late 1800s. One of these times, in front of everyone, Bernadette got on her hands and knees and ate grass and drank the water from the filthy...

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Oct 7, 2010 - Lourdes, France

We arrived in Lourdes mid-day and went to Grotto which is below a huge cathedral. The large grounds have smaller churches and prayer stations.The day we were there they had a special celebration of the Rosary( Novena).They had a huge procession and special mass for the thousands of people who were there.

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Jul 13, 2009 - Jim's - Tour de france

I wanted to share the majesty of this area ( and not just the flys and stand up toilets that Jim mentioned to his family ) and I knew that Jim's photographic skills would be pressed into action with teh surroundings -- So I took Jim from Gavernie campsite up to teh Spanish border and then along the valley and up the cols to the Col de dábisque which is the most stunning road -- It teeters on teh edge of teh mountain on very narrow roads that occasionally are tunnelled through solid rock outcrops. This time when we got to the top the views...

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Jul 5, 2009 - Lourdes Grotto and Basilica

Today was intended to be Spiritual focused and it proved exactly that. I walked to the Grotto at around 1pm ( took my garmin Nuvi ( Useless I just followed the road signs ) arrived at teh town which was suprsaisingly quiet and that was a good thing -- Weaved my way through the tacky shops selling almost the same things also the plethora of hotels ALL with religious names but once you got to teh grotto it was devoid of this tat -- Its quite magnificant the Basilica built on top of the Grotto where Mary appeared ( 17 times ) has some great...

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Jul 4, 2009 - Lourdes

Hi guys drove around some great town today Argeles Gazost ( big kayaking area) and then drove up the Tourmalet from the Mongie side ( the way the Tour is going this year ) -- Its about a week before theyy arrive and vans are already there -- Lots of amature cyclists some with panniers and legs spinning like billy O -- The road is very narrow in parts ( all teh roads in teh mountainsa are but the Col dábisque and Tourmalet more so. Came down via Marie de Campan and picked up a lunch sandwich and eat that at the side of the rOad - Not really...

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Sep 21, 2008 - North to Baske Country and Lourdes

Sunday – Across the Spainish plains, with no rain... into the foot hills of the Pyrennes. The Baske region that a radical group bombed in the 70’s & 80’s, so tourism is just returning. The plains were lonely, especially one rest stop at a petrol station next to the motorway, lonely one attendant and nothing else in sight. Lunch at another Motorway Service Stop, (I am beginning to hate them.) Nice hills around the border and lots of development occurring in the once forgotten Baske region. The Baske are believed to be the oldest tribe in...

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Apr 5, 2005 - france still

This is a real quick update as we are in Lourdes now and the pope has died and we must go and give our condolences. we will give a longer update when we have more time soon so here is quick report: been following the west coast of fance down to Bordeaux and visted Cignac where we did a tour of the Henessey distillery and then on to Bordeaux where have indulged in good wines at very reasonable prices. now in Lourdes as we said and about to go walking Nothing exciting has happened except very hard to find internet cafes and this is in a hotel...

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Dec 5, 2004 - Lourdes, France

This place is famous for a peasant girl that said she saw visions of Mary. That was back in 1854. People come from all over the world to bath and drink the water that comes from a spring. The pope has been there twice. It is a huge complex of churches and buildings. There is supposed to been many mircles happened here. Saw none but the fact that I got out with my money, being as there are a lot of pickpockets there. I drank the water and the next day I got sick. Maybe because I am not Catholic. Just kidding!

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