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May 8, 2004 - Pardon my French

I finally have photos to upload - woo hoo! This is my last full day in France and I think I have walked every square inch of the place. Paris is fairly easy to navigate once you figure out the Metro system - even I, with no sense of direction, have not gotten terribly lost yet. I have come to realize how truly awful my French is. Every time I try a phrase on a native Parisien, I get a totally blank look. Fortunately, most of them take pity on me and reply in English, "What?" Anyway, my time is almost up. I still don't have my Amsterdam...

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Apr 12, 2004 - Paris

It is easy to see why so many guidebooks rank Paris at the top of their "must-sees" of Europe. The city is absolutely crammed with sights and sounds, and while few countries are wholly and accurately represented by their capital city, Paris is indeed a good introduction to France. After struggling to find accomodation for the first several hours after arriving in Paris, we settled down in perhaps the worst hostel we had ever been in. Gripes aside, we set off on the following morning and made haste to France's most famous landmark, the...

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World Trip 03/04

Apr 2, 2004 - London/Paris

The saga continues... I found my hotel by 12:15 but, unfortunately, at that hour the people running the show are the porters. They couldn't fine my booking, they couldn't find my mail, and they couldn't tell me where I was supposed to meet my tour group. [Because my original, longer tour, which was supposed to start 4/3 had been cancelled I had arrived only about six hours before my new tour was supposed to start 4/2.] So, after running around to a couple of different hotels in the middle of the night I finally ascertained the secret...

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Colin's World Tour

Dec 28, 2003 - One Fine Day in Paris

The streak of picture perfect weather while flying came to an end today as we returned to Paris from Zurich. Nonetheless, all of these so-called budget flights have been impressively on time and sometimes even early! Despite some anxiety at once again landing in Paris without accommodation (this time much closer to New Year's), we got through the language barriers (cheers to the phrasebook we bought and French 12 taken like 15 years ago) and found a couple of hostel beds with breakfast included. The next day was nothing short of a feast for...

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Dec 20, 2003 - Vacation during Holiday Season

Since our arrival to Glasgow about four months ago, your favourite "travelers" have not even ventured outside the Scottish territorial limits. Up until now, all of our travels have consisted of various destinations within Scotland and with all due respect to Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye and almost every area in between, our tour has yet to really begin. This week of Christmas 2003 will take us to many destinations in Europe including Paris, France; Zurich, Switzerland; Vaduz and Staanville, Liechtenstein; and Feldkirck, Austria and back...

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