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Dec 28, 2005 - Back to Nadi

The last leg of the Feejee Experience bus trip took us back to Nadi. En Route we stopped at a natural hot springs and mud bath. The mud was really gross. You sunk in deep and it felt gross. But it was fun to get it all stuck in your hair and all over your face and then be able to wash it off in the hot springs. We are going to spend a couple days exploring Nadi and staying in a great hostel that we found when we were here the first time. (Nadi Bay Resort) - (with 2 pools). More Later. Ryan and Christine

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Dec 19, 2005 - Fiji - Nadi

Again, Sorry no pics. Internet is expensive and SLOW! I LOVE Fiji. Right from the get-go, the people have been so friendly. We decided that (even though it's really not our style, that we would book onto the Feejee Experience tour. It's a hop-on-hop-off tour bus that goes around the island. It is a 4 day trip, but we have 12 days here, so... we thought we'd simply use it as our transportation around the island and spend a few days in each stop. It includes all sorts of activities and stops. We're excited to get to see lots of neat stuff,...

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Dec 18, 2005 - FIJI!!

I have finally made it to sunnier climates (although it is apparently their rainy season - great planning Melissa)!!! The flight was really smooth, but very long. My body clock is a bit out as have crossed the international date line and I still haven't managed to figure out what time it is back home!!! I'm thinking a day behind and then 12 hours on or something like that! Arrived here at the hostel at about 7am on Saturday 17th December. I met up with a few girls at the airport coming here also, so we decided to hire a car and head for...

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She's On Her Way!

Dec 12, 2005 - In the South Pacific!

We are now in Fiji! After a quick stop in Los Angeles, and another 10 hours on Air Pacific we arrived in Fiji. We are staying in wonderful village called Wayalailai in the Yasawa island group. The village is run by the natives, and we have a hut on the beach with no electricity. It's all very basic, just like we wanted. The weather is fantastic (29 degrees in the water) and everything is very relaxed - "Fiji time" they call it. Precis innan den riktiga kylan kom lämnade vi civilisationen och ett julskrudat New York till förmån för lata...

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Dec 10, 2005 - Fiji Bula

After a long flight we eventually arrived into Nadi and after to'ing and fro'ing between the reps in arrivals we eventually found our bus and made our way to the hotel. Seems nothing happens very fast - everything is on Fiji time. We landed just after 5am and only got into our room just after 10am! After a little snooze we chatted to the travel rep and managed to book our first little island hop! We decided to spend 2 nights at our first port of call - Robinson Crusoe Island - where we met quite a few people and got some input on where to...

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Dec 9, 2005 - South Sea Island

Chilling at South Sea Island We had a great time on this island. We arrived late in the afternoon to be greeted by yet more extremely friendly Fijian people. All the activities were free and the food was the best we've had since we reached the Yasawa Islands. Our first night involved yet more drinking games with a group of people which included two stereo typical American blokes who perhaps took the games a little too seriously. The games soon descended into political ramblings between the Canadians and the Yanks as somebody (I wonder who)...

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Dec 5, 2005 - Flight to NZ cancelled, a day at a hotel in Nadi!!!

We got to the airport to find out they had cancelled our flight ("operational problems" - more like there weren't enough on the flight!!) so they put us up in a nice hotel near the airport with a big pool (and waterslide!!) and all meals free too. We were annoyed but we couldnt really complain when we are backpackers as it was quite nice to stay in a nice hotel!!!! Better luck tomorrow for getting to New Zealand!!

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Dec 1, 2005 - Fiji

Fiji I should warn you all now, what you're about to read may disturb some readers! My six days in Fiji included action, drama, close encounters and a curious twist. Quite frankly, this story is good enough for a Hollywood movie. Flying to Fiji was a wonderful experience. I was booked into an economy seat but was upgraded to business class under the most unusual circumstance. Over the years I've had several people say I look like Boris Becker, friends and strangers alike. Personally I can't see it at all. Well this American guy next to me...

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Nov 29, 2005 - Fiji, Mana Island (Mamanuca group)

We flew out of LA on Sunday night 10.30 and arrived in Nadi (Pronounced 'Nan-di')at 5.30am Tuesday! As we came through the airport we were greated by a group of locals singing and playing their guitars. The heat was amazing and very humid - it was only 6am! We had planned whilst on the plane to go to Taveuni island as the lonely planet guide said there was great diving, horse riding and trekking on that island - all that we wanted, plus good beaches of course! But on asking at the airport it would cost us around $400 each way to fly there...

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Nov 25, 2005 - Sydney to Nadi

Onwards to Paradise This may be the last entry we add for a while. We're travelling around the islands of Fiji where the communications infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Most of the islands don't even have a phone so Internet access is probably another 15 years away. Some of the islands only provide electricity during the day so we've stocked up on books, torches and batteries. Although we are perhaps as far from the UK as we will ever be, 12 hours ahead and on the brink of the international date line - we're still thinking of you...

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Nov 11, 2005 - To Fiji

Photos Captions Later Auckland, NZ to Nadi, Fiji - 2:45 hours flight time We had a bus pickup at 0930. Having learned from the "Kiwi" experience of the main group yesterday, Frank & LInda - our Fiji Group coordinators - ordered it early. I've concluded that Kiwi's do not consider scheduled times to be important. Almost every bus we had scheduled arrived late, and every one in Auckland was late, to uncomfortably late. Checking and boarding were uneventful. NZ & Fiji not rigid about checks. We had a very long walk to the loading gate,...

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Nov 6, 2005 - Fiji

I don't have long because i'm cheap and object to paying large amounts for internet access hehe... so yeh anyway i'm in Fiji i only arrived this morning so i haven't really seen all that much.... the hostel that i'm staying on is pretty cool, it's less than 7pounds a night and the rooms are all air conditioned and there are two pools etc. the trip here yesterday was pretty hideous, it was an 11.5hr flight, which was hideously long and boring and i was stuck in the middle of the row so i couldn't even wander aimlessly around the plane... i...

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