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Feb 26, 2016 - 25 February 2016 - Harar

Here we are in the ancient city of Harar, after a 12 hour trip in a hired 20 seater bus so not much room to spare. The landscape on the way was very volcanic with deep black soil that looked very fertile. Rain was threatening all the way and we had a few spots, but further up the road there was a cloud burst and severe rain and some flooding - our bags on top of the bus got a little wet! There are about 5 gates into 9th century Harar old city and the city is a hive of activity with markets, about 84 mosques and one catholic church, all...

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Jan 17, 2012 - Harar

@@@@@@@ BACKGROUND Here are some excerpts from the Lonely Planet – Ethiopia & Eritrea chapter on Harar in Eastern Ethiopia: “Harar is a place apart. With its 368 alleyways squeezed into just 1 sq km, it’s more reminiscent of Fez in Morocco than it is of any other Ethiopian city. Its countless mosques and shrines, coffee-scented streets, animated markets, crumbling walls and charming people will make you feel like you’ve floated right out of the 21st century and back through time. It is the east’s most memorable sight and shouldn’t be...

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Jan 16, 2012 - The Rewda Guesthouse

@@@@@@@ BACKGROUND Here are some excerpts from the Lonely Planet – Ethiopia & Eritrea chapter on Eastern Ethiopia: Harar’s old walled town is a fascinating place that begs exploration. The thick, 5m-high walls around town were erected in the 16th century by an emir in response to the migrations northwards of the Oromo. Within the walls the city is a maze of narrow, twisting alleys and lanes, replete with historic buildings, including 82 small mosques, numerous shrines, and tombs, as well as traditional Harari houses. But what breathes life...

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Feb 22, 2011 - Harare

Erste Tagesaufgabe: ein Visum für die Wiedereinreise nach Äthiopien beschaffen. Nach 2 peniblen Sicherheitskontrollen sind wir dann endlich in der äthiopischen Vertretung in Hargesha und während des Wartens auf den Visumbeamten fällt uns auf, dass wir doch Passfotos benötigen. Kein Problem für die Damen, die ihre Fotos dabei haben, dummerweise sind meine noch im Hotel – 45 Minuten Fußmarsch entfernt. Shit, ich muss also nochmal ins Hotel zurück, finde zum Glück einen Bus und bin relativ schnell bei meinen Fotos. Auf dem Rückweg zur...

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Feb 18, 2011 - En route vers Harare / Auf dem Weg nach Harare

Nach dem Frühstück auf der sonnigen Terrasse unseres Hotels holen uns dann unser Fahrer Alex und unser Führer Mulugeta mit dem Nissan Patrol ab. Wir fahren in Richtung Osten und verlassen Addis nach ca. 1 Stunde. Diese Straße führt aber nicht nur nach Somaliland, sondern auch in Richtung Djibouti. Seit der Abspaltung Eritreas von Äthiopien und der Schließung aller Grenzübergänge zwischen den beiden Ländern muss Äthiopien alle Waren aus dem Ausland, die per Containerschiff kommt, über die Häfen in Djibouti und Somaliland beziehen. Und da es...

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Feb 16, 2008 - Harar

Up and out early to ck on train...no gas so no go today, they don't know if gas is coming today or tomor & don't know when train will leave when gas comes from Djibouti. Man in charge of 'program' who can tell us at least how much it will cost is not in his office and no one seems to know when he'll be back. Mari is sick and in bed so Bon, Jake, and I get a tuk tuk to take us to bus office. When we arr. at 9:30 it is locked and the info we get from people outside is conflicting so we wait...about 15 min. later a fellow high on qat arrives,...

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Jan 30, 2006 - Sensory overload in Harar

In Harar (Eastern Ethiopia) I just went mystical for a couple of days. How else could it be, with 90 mosques and innumerable shrines and tombs enclosed within the walled city covering an area of about 1 sq km? Add the scents (incense here, roasted coffee there), the sounds (the calls to prayer, the tailors working frantically on their sewing machines on Mekina Girgir) the colours, the buzz, the vitality, and you'll have a fair view of the picture. Admittedly, the effects of chewing chat (a mildly intoxicating stimulant) in the chat market...

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Mar 1, 2005 - Ethiopia: Hurrah Harar

Copyright 2005 David Rich 1100 Words jdavidrich@yahoo.com "I've seen what men have only dreamed they saw...." The Drunken Boat, Arthur Rimbaud E T H I O P I A: H U R R A H H A R A R Harar, the ancient capitol of the Horn of Africa, hides in the wilds of Ethiopia, oasis central for notables from the child prodigy French poet Arthur Rimbaud and the inadvertent god and father of Rastafarians, Ras Tafari aka Emperor Haile Selassie, to the first European to enter the enclave, Sir Richard Burton. The Horn of Africa has subdivided into lawless...

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