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Aug 10, 2014 - Oteppa, Land of the Bogs & the Bears

While in Tallinn we asked locals where in Estonia would they suggest to visit in order to see a rural laid-back area. Oteppa was suggested more than once. So off to there we went. It was only a 2 hour train ride from Tallinn to Tartu, and then a 40 km bus ride to Oteppa; total cost for two ~$27. Our B&B host, Keemo, met us at the bus station and on to the Villa Ottilia where we met his wife Tiina, our hostess. Our stay 2 day stay with them was very enjoyable, and we all became good friends it seemed instantly. They even took us on a day's...

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Baltic Europe 2014

Jun 18, 2005 - Olev, Elva and an Old Audi

Given the unrealistically low price, Cassandra and I decided that there must be something terribly wrong with the vehicle - that it would lack wheels or a gas tank or turn out to be inflatable. All the same, we couldn't quell our curiosity and so we called Olev and told him it's a deal. In fact, we wanted the top model, the one that cost 10 Euros. It was an Audi, he said. Then he came to pick us up and drove us the 27km to Elva. Elva is a tiny town, set among some beautiful countryside - its 4-block long main street lies near a region...

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