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Jun 26, 2018 - Exploring Saaremaa

Being crime-free, Saaremaa attracts lots of mainland visitors. We will explore windmills, churches and juniper groves (gin ??!!). Kuressare has a C14th castle and is picturesque. We will visit town hall and St Laurentius church. Also free time (to visit Bishop's palace - one of best preserved medieval castles in Europe). Staadioi Hotel. A beautiful day. At last brilliant sunshine all day, little cirrus clouds occasionally. Temperature up to about 22oC. A really easy interesting day with some R&R. Off at 9am on a walking tour into Kuressare...

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Jun 25, 2018 - Travelling to Saaremaa

Drive towards Gulf of Riga and ferry to largest off-shore island of Saaremaa. A strategic Soviet military outpost and escape route to the West. It's own culture and simple way of life. En route: a visit to Muhu Island and Kogua open-air Museum. On Saaremaa visit Karja medieval church and Angla windmills and then up to 4000 year-old Kaali Crater, a result of a meterotie impact equivalent to Hiroshima bomb. On to Kuressaare to check in at Staadioni Hotel. Did a tour of Tallinn by coach. Stopped at the Song Music venue and went inside then on...

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Oct 24, 2010 - Kuressaare - Oct 21-24

October 21, 2010 I got up quite early this morning as I couldn’t sleep. There were three girls in our room who were leaving so I got out of their way and sat in the common room and lazed around for an hour or so until Elizabeth woke up. We packed up and had breakfast and then caught tram to bus station. It was quite a shame to be leaving as we’d had a really good time here. There isn’t an amazing array of sights to visit within the city itself but the town is pleasant to walk around and Yanush at the hostel had been great and really...

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Aug 11, 2006 - Saaremaa Island....Estonia

Estonia has some 1500 islands off it's shores ..many too small to be inhabited but Saaremaa is the largest and prettiest of them all. To get to the island we boarded a large ferry since there is no bridge connection due to the stong port activity on the Baltic Sea. Here life was pretty much unaffected by the two World Wars so you find the towns and villages well preserved and good artifacts still can be enjoyed from the 12th - 18th centuries. Such as Wind Mills, village houses with thatched roofs, pagan churches from before the vikings....

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Jul 12, 2005 - Kuressaare

Here's a little bit of trivia. The Baltic Sea is actually a BRACKISH body of water, not fresh, yet not as salty as the oceans. Because of this the plant and animal life within and around it are unique and different from most places on the planet. The Scandinavian countries are concerned that the health of the Sea is threatened by the fact that the recently independent Baltic States are not able to keep polluntants from degrading the Sea due to their poorer economies. Hopefully Sweden, Finland and Denmark are helping in this regard...

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Jun 30, 2005 - Pine forests, ostriches and spa hotels

After pleasant days spent with new friends in Hiiumaa, we drove to the southern port of Soru, and took the ferry to Saaremaa, Estonia's biggest and most famous island. There we drove along dusty coastal roads, taking in long stretches of empty windswept beaches dotted with old lighthouses or the lone farmhouse above the shore. Pine forests cover most of the island, and we enjoyed that magical scent -- the smell of pine mingled with the cool breeze off the sea -- as we set up camp that first night. The next day we continued our journey...

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Sep 29, 2004 - Saaremaa Island

Caught the ferry to Saaremaa Island for a days ticky touring about. By the way, Estonians love their vowels and dots. Just about every word has too many a's or i's or whatever. Lets go to the baaaar is our favourite example. So please excuse me if I make onee or twoo spelling mistakes during these updates. Island very nice and we were lucky with the weather. Highlights for me were the old castle and a crater lake in the centre of the island. When exploring the castle I became (as usual) separated from the three others. The four of us...

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Trip Journal

Nils Travels 2004

Jun 8, 2004 - Kuressaare

After Sigulda, we drove back across the Estonian border, and followed the coastline to Virtsu, where we boarded a ferry over to Saaremaa Island and the town of Kuressaare. Quite by accident, we arrived during a local festival where men and women came from all surrounding villages to compete in a folk song and dance contest. It is said that Estonian culture is best preserved on Saaremaa Island, in no small part due to years of Soviet Occupation. The islands hosted sensitive military installations and as a result, remained isolated an off...

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