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Jun 2, 2010 - A cruisey life

We sail again, this time to Edfu where we visit the Temple of Horus. On board again and we sail to Kom ombo where we visit the temple of Sobek. After tea we have a fancy dress party and play games…all of which were good fun. The staff on the boat and our guides join in and help make it a great night.

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Jun 1, 2010 - We set sail

We finally depart and a join the convoy of vessels travelling the Nile. We see few barges or other forms of river transport. The scenery varying between sand dunes, sand cliffs and a very narrow strip of agric culture. In the late afternoon we arrive at our one and only lock and join the cue. Whilst waiting we are attacked by a flotilla of small craft selling garments, rugs etc. They throw the goods up to us on the deck – although we have not requested them, catching is automatic. Then they shout prices and the negotiating begins. We throw...

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Feb 2, 2009 - M/S River Anuket - Sailing to Esna

Today we had breakfast at 8AM and were off to discover Karnak Temples (still in Luxor). Our program directors are doing a great job in getting us to each site BEFORE the crowds. Essentially we were some of the first couple of groups to arrive and had the opportunity to view the entire area uncrowded…. but by the time we left there were people all over the place and it was much more difficult to see and understand and appreciate the entire complex. Our guide Amin is so knowledgeable about all of Egyptology and really is doing a good job...

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