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Dec 18, 2008 - Oasis Towns in the Desert

Randy We’re in an oasis now. Like the desert, this is nowhere near my imaginations of what an oasis is like. The oases are green but they also have a lot of brown. Mud houses are common. Land is free for those who want to come from the Nile valley and live here. All that’s required is some kind of land improvement to make a claim. A brick wall may be enough, but often there is a shell of a structure too. Water is conserved. Last night the oases shut off the well pump around 9pm. Early this morning I awoke to running water in the bathroom....

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May 19, 2007 - Daklah-White Desert

We passed through the black desert, so named because of the black stones that formed a thin layer across the sand. The black stones apparently came off of a mountain somewhere... Anyhow, we only drove acrossed it and a few of us stopped to climb one of the mountains to get an arial view of the black desert. Perhaps I'm missing a day somewhere, but I only remember that we went to the Bahariya oasis after the white desert. Before we arrived at Bahariya desert, we stopped at a hot spring. Yes, the day was too hot for the hot spring, but it...

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Dec 3, 2004 - The Dakhla Oasis

Just when traveling reaches its most frustrating and trying point, people always come through to make it amazing. After Luxor I went up to Assyut, a stopping point on the way to the oases, where I had to stay one night. Not many tourists here, so the police were very interested in my presence. There are tourist police everywhere in Egypt, every street, road, corner of town. It was a response to terrorist attacks in 1997, so the Egyptian authorities decided to crack down and put out police everywhere so all the tourists would feel right at...

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