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Jul 21, 2014 - Trelleborg Fortress and the Bridge

Another hot day. Today we drove west to have a look at the Viking Trelleborg fortress and to take a closer look at the Great Belt Bridge. It was so nice driving in an air conditioned car on such a hot day. Our first stop was the Trelleborg fortress. Although the museum for the museum we were able to freely wander the actual fort remains. The Trelleborg fort was constructed around 980 AD and was probably erected on the order of King Harold Bluetooth as a military stronghold, a centre of trade administration. Trelleborg was part of a larger...

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Mar 27, 2007 - Denmark - Countryside...

Hej everybody! There is obviously much more to Denmark than Copenhagen. It has a gorgeous countryside, where beaches are never crowded and very seldom turned into holiday cities. Spring is a beautiful time to explore this whereabouts. The fields are green with the first signs of them turning yellow for the summer. The forests are full of lilies and plenty of other Easter flowers that decorate it all with happy colours and life. Judge by the pictures! Miss you all, and especially my man so much! Idoia.

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Nov 28, 2006 - Copenhagan, Denmark- 25/11-28/11

Population: 600,000 Maximum Temperature Range while we were there: 7-11 Weather: Sunny-most of the time and No Rain!!! Ahhh, Copenhagen- the hi-light of our trip. We both absolutely loved it here and if Dave is successful in getting a Swedish passport, I'd say we'll probably be back at some stage to work. It was fantastic!! The atmosphere was incredible and so much fun. Everyone was so relaxed and happy. There were so many people out and about and people busking everywhere- singing, doing magic tricks and playing all kinds of instruments....

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Aug 31, 2006 - Helsingbor - Poor old Yorick

The Kronborg of Helsingbor is the site of Hamlet's Castle 'Elsinore' in a play by some bloke called Shakespeare. This must be really famous as they are constantly going on about it. There are hotels called Hamlet, cafes called Shakespear and a huge display in the castle of all the great actors who have performed the play in the castle grounds. Actually this is a bit unfair as it sounds like the whole place has become a Shakespeare theme park. In fact it is not like that at all and the 'city' retains nearly all of it's character without...

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Andy's Wanderings

Aug 6, 2005 - Jyderup

Start: Kalvebod Fælled End: Jyderup Weather: Sunny becoming Cloudy with Rainy periods in the afternoon Ride: 110km The storm had died down by the time I awoke and judging by the wet marks on the floor, which extended from cracks in the southern coastal wall the previous night, but were now extending from the west wall, the wind direction had changed as well. Opening the window confirmed what I had feared. The rain had stopped, but I would be riding into a westerly headwind. As I slowly repacked the bike, eating breakfast while doing so, I...

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Aug 25, 2002 - Denmark - Roskilde

Oh didnt finish last night. So left Jelling Mounds and got 4 hour train back to Copenhagen. Rang Renee and got directions, didnt get to his street until 10pm and got a bit lost but he came out and met me. He's 35 & tall, so is his girlfriend / wife Kristina. She was at a party and got in late - she's very glam. We talked about Tibet lots then their daughter Frida got up for a while - she's 9 months, eventually off to sleep. Morning. Rene left for work - on a Sunday at 7.30 then Kristina was going away for 2 days to the grand parents. She...

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