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Feb 23, 2018 - Coming to the End

Wow, we leave tomorrow for home. Today is hot and humid, more so than any day so far. We agree that it's time to head back and hear that Seattle is cold and snowy. It will be quite the contrast hailing an Uber at SeaTac, 2 am, wearing flip flops. I will miss the warmth of the climate and people here. They have been universally helpful and eager to show off their country (Well, except for that one taxi man). I love meeting travelers from other countries and my own, exchanging views. We have met conservative and liberal people who we've had...

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Feb 21, 2018 - How hard is it to enjoy a beach and warm water?

Not hard. We wake up to birds singing and breakfast on the patio. Fruit and pancakes are are our staple. Then into a suit and taking a walk on the beach to get a start on our steps. Decisions, decisions, the red or blue hammock for some reading time. Maybe a nap. Then a swim and writing. Barb has just reminded me that we have three more days of this. How many books can we read? After the first two weeks being so intense this final down week is moving in slow motion. The water is too rough for paddle boarding but I am hopeful there will be a...

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Feb 20, 2018 - Playa Samara

We had a rather grueling day yesterday; traveling from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific, but made it at last to the Playa Samara. It is a perfect way to wind down the trip; sun, sand, hammocks, palm trees and alcohol. The water here is warm, which seems wrong to me as it is the Pacific, but the nice long shallow sand helps keep everything warmed up. I walked along the beach today and came across pelicans fishing; there must have been a shoal of fish out there as they were busy diving, surfacing, flying up to circle around and repeating...

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Jul 20, 2014 - Charlie arrival and Nicoya--check your clothes for hangers-on...

Charlie here--It has been an interesting ride for me just to get here. I came from Novato to Turrialba and Tuis via Philadelphia, New York, Panama City, and San Jose, CR. Philly was work, but in NY, I had the chance to have sushi dinner with my beloved cousin Camille the dentist in Manhattan. Parking was a nightmare! Yesterday when I was about to put my shorts on, like any other person would (one leg at a time), I found a little friend who had latched onto my shorts--a little brown scorpion. I've been told not to worry about the big...

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Jul 19, 2014 - Getting there is half the adventure & a new movie

Be careful what you say! Charlie confidently told someone, "getting there is half the fun!". Yesterday we said our goodbyes in Tuis and headed for the Pacific Coast. The weather was lovely, but we saw for ourselves the destruction caused by the relentless storms. There were lots of landslides and roads had been washed away. Thus, there were many times we had to wait while one side of the road passed at a time. Halfway through our trip, we stopped for lunch and a tour of some waterfalls and gardens. Back on our way, we continued to...

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Mar 10, 2013 - Last day in Samara.

Had a good day in the sun. Our last in Samara. I boogie boarded and then we saw a live band at dinner at the Elanka beach bar rest. Tomorrow we take the interbus to Alleluia it's $47 each and it about a five hour ride. We will be staying two night at the Vidal Tropical B&B. then we fly out of the sun and heat on Wensday.

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Mar 8, 2013 - To much sun!

Yes the last two days I have been having out at the pool for 2 hours a day ! I thought I was ok keeping my bandana wet and swimming every 10 min to keep cool. But I woke up and soon I I stood in the sun I new I had to keep out if it today. So we tripped around town and hung out under the covers at the beach and I feel better tonight. We had a nice tuna salad at the La Conda beach bar it was 8 buks and judge so we split it. Later we went to the Giada for pizza ! They have a great pizza oven that you can see as you view then making and...

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Mar 7, 2013 - Sun beer and birds.

Usual day of over 32 and lots of sun. Last night we listened to a live guitar on the beach and three fire dancers showed up and put in a show to his music. Lots of Roxs favorite bid the Parakeet. They make a ton of noise and fly around crazy, one way , then back again for no particular reason. Monkeys are seen every day as the mangos are now ripe. Fishing is real good here our friend Ken got a 29# snook right off the beach . Then on the way home a local had a large grouper. Maybe 50 plus pounds. He had it on a cart and was pushing it for...

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Mar 4, 2013 - Beach walk & lots of sun.

Got up this morning and we walked the North side of Samara beach at low tide. Saw lots of Pelicans diving for fish and standing around on the reef when full. On the way back we stopped to chat with edwardo who has been running bar Olas for 2.5 months. He used to own the Chart House rest. In Campbell river. He has super cold beer for 1000 colonies. About the cheapest in town. That's about $2 us. Then we grabbed lunch at the Princess bakery

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Mar 3, 2013 - Birthday & Town Pics.

Had my birthday on Feb 27 at Esmeralda's rest. It was great I had 2 lobsters and we invited Ken and his wife to sit with us so we had a bit of a party. Next day we met a couple Philip and his wife Jannet for a car ride up to see the famous sunset from the Hotel Guanamar in Carrila. After sunset at 6:30 pm the four of us went to the Hula Jungle for 2 for 1 pizza it cost us 18 bucks and we spit on and then took the second pizza home for lunch the next day. Got back in town and saw a great travelling band at the Gusto Beach bar rest. Wow. Good...

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Mar 1, 2012 - Landed In Playa Hermosa.

After a seven hour trip along the coat visiting all the little towns and beaches, we arrived in Playa Hermosa. Staying with Kathy and Leggo in a clean little apartment. We just landed and were a bit late in Hermosa due to a fan belt starting to fall off the taxi, so we grabbed showers and hit the town of Playa Coco with Kathy and Leggo. Great little town and we partied at a beach bar with real good live music. Off to check out Playa Coco this afternoon , they maybe dinner there tonight. Works out good as Leggo has rented a car. Pics and...

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Feb 28, 2012 - On the move!

Tomorrow we will take a taxi up to Plays Hermosa to visit our old friends from Costa Rica Lego and Kathy. We are driving up the cost line an SUV so we can see ground that we have never seen before. We will visit , Gaiza, Ostinal, Auellanes, Negra, and Tamarindo along the way. Off for a massage then dinner with friends and the beach in between. Brad

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