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Jun 12, 2014 - To Zhangmu 8 k from Nepal border

June 12 day 14 riding to Zhangmu 8 k from Nepal border. 96k, 5hr 50min. Longest descent in the world – top of Thang La Pass 5050m to Zhangmu 2400m. Against nasty headwinds on section after Thang La to lunch. Nickie almost ready to go in truck. Awesome descent through rain forest type scenery. Orchids. June 13 Friday. Day 15 riding. Cross border into Nepal to Dhulikhel. 96k, 7hr.30 ridetime. day. 8 easy ks downhill to Tibet-Nepal border. Must have been a hundred and more trucks parked nose to tail whole way down. Drivers waiting for...

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May 16, 2009 - Zhangmu

Way before the crack of dawn we all piled on to the bus as Gelu had informed us we needed to get an early start to avoid the numerous construction road blocks present on the only road to the Nepalese border. So in the pitch black at 5.30am we set off, all swaddled in jackets, blankets and sleeping bag and tried to get a more more sleep. About 9.30am we were jolted awake by the bus stopping suddenly and an animated conversation taking place between Gelu, Topten and the driver. It seemed we had reached our first roadblock. We had met another...

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Taking the Long Way

Feb 4, 2008 - Tashi Dalek from Zhangmu and the Nepal/Tibet border

We woke up with visions of Everest still in our heads, and headed off down the highway to Zhangmu and the Chinese/Nepal border. Up until this point of the trip the highway had been excellent as it had been recently paved and was smooth and wide...except for the bit to Everest Base Camp which was still gravel, but is slated to be paved soon. What a shame that will be. Anyways, we were now heading into a stretch that was windy, bumpy, narrow and in many places had steep drop-offs down the side of the road to the distant, valley bottom below....

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Jun 22, 2007 - Jeep tour days 7 and 8 - To the border

Short one * Tingri * Nepal border crossing Longer one From everest we made it to Tingri last night. Not much going on here really. To have a shower at the guesthouse meant 2 tibetan ladies had to heat up the water over the fire, then carry the water 50 metres to the shower, lift it up a ladder to the top of the shower block and fill a water resevoir at the top!! Don't get that in Australia!! As we headed to the border town Zhangmu, we stopped to have a look at buddist practise cave. There is a town at this place and as we stopped, as usual...

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