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Jul 11, 2014 - Tianjin, China

Today is a turnaround day on the ship, with new passengers boarding in Tianjin. Pete's schedule remains much the same for several weeks, with a home port in Tianjin and multiple stops in South Korea. The high temperature in Tianjin today will be in the low 90's. As of today, Pete has traveled 46,456 miles since he left Indianapolis 18 weeks ago.

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Jul 5, 2014 - Tianjin, China

Pete checked in from Tianjin and things are going well. It was a turnaround day on the ship so they had several music activities, including a parade and welcome aboard shows. He did mention that, when his regular Music Director left for vacation and the new musician, Roman, came to take his place, it turned out that Roman's clarinet was damaged in transit. As a result of that bad luck for Roman, Peter has had a chance to play clarinet a lot more in the past few weeks, which is great for him. Pete did mention, though, that he has a cork...

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Jun 30, 2014 - Tianjin, China

Today, Peter and a large group of his ship mates, including Ryan, Holbrook, Hannah, Songa, Mihee, Ley, Borys, Dimitry, Igor, Rosie, Sarah, Jessie, Kira, Alex, Susie G, and tons of other people, visited the Great Wall. Pete has climbed the Great Wall before, on a tour with the Indianapolis Children's Choir, but not trying to drag his old mother up the steps probably made this visit a little more enjoyable!

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Jun 26, 2014 - Tianjin, China

Pete checked in after his first visit to Tianjin, which is the port they will be using when they visit Beijing. Tianjin is the 4th largest city in China. One complication may make it one of Pete's least favorite ports - immigration regulations require that all Americans and Malaysians must go through the immigration process every time they enter the port at Tianjin. Unfortunately, Pete has to do this process at 6:00 AM! Other than that, things are going well. This is a turn-around day so new passengers were joining the ship. As of today,...

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Mar 15, 2013 - Tianjin (Beijing), China

Tianjin, China is the gateway port to Beijing as well as some well preserved sections of the Great Wall. After a 2 ½ hour bus ride we arrived at the Hangyaguan section of the northern section of the great wall. The ride as through some of the most rural and rustic areas you will find in China in contrast to the massive urban centers we experienced in Shanghai and Hong Kong. This section of the wall, unfortunately, is some of the steepest and “rustic” of the sections open to the public to visit and walk. Cheryl decided it was a good idea and...

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Sep 17, 2011 - Tianjin

Travelled to Tianjin in a packed warm 737 for 3 hours! On the way to the hotel experienced a hair raising drive weaving in and out of traffic (cars, bikes, motorbikes, trucks, 3 wheel vehicles, buses, etc) tooting and near missing all the way and the driver drove down the wrong side of the road to get to the hotel. Went out for a Chinese banquet with Max’s colleagues where there were many courses I had never seen before. We each received a local artwork from the university. Next day at shopping centre Malcolm managed to communicate the need...

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DIAMOND PRINCESS ITINERARY: Fri 4/30 Xingang Port ‘Diamond Princess’ Embarkation after: 2:00PM Sail 6:00PM Sat 5/01 Dalian, China On own: ‘Polar Aquarium’ Tiger Beach Pk Bus #30/712 (Zsq) Sun 5/02 Qingdao China: Tsingtao Brewery? Walk German Town on own Mon 5/03 at Sea Tue 5/04 Busan, So. Korea DJW tour inc Military Cemetery; NW taxi to shop Wed 5/05 at Sea Th 5/06 Vladivostok, Russia Tours: DJW-Dance Recital + Home visit; NW-Walk Tour Fri 5/07 at Sea Sat 5/08 Muroran for Sapporo, JP Trans to Odori Park, Independent day Fri/Fri...

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Dec 11, 2009 - Tianjin

Met weemoed verlaten we dinsdag Beijing, en nemen de snelste intercity ter wereld naar Tianjin. Met 335 km/ uur razen we door China. Het is gek om met zo'n supermoderne trein door een landschap te rijden waar je hutjes (zonder wc en stromend water) ziet waarin de mensen leven... We zijn de afgelopen dagen al een aantal keer op de foto geweest, de lichte ogen en haar en de piercing zijn voor de mensen hier een bezienswaardigheid. We worden dan ook vaak nagestaard. In Tianjin rustig aan gedaan want de indrukken van de afgelopen weken zijn...

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Mar 25, 2009 - About Chinese Food

The type of food in the region of China I went to is really nothing like the “Chinese food” we have in restaurants here at home. Currently, there are ten main regional cuisines in China, each served in different parts of the country. The area I visited had a style of food preparation closest to that of Beijing cuisine; however, being a port city, Tianjin makes use of its abundance of available seafood. I would have to say I am probably a more adventurous eater than most, but I’m no Andrew Zimmern. The top 3 strangest foods I came across...

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Oct 1, 2007 - Beijing, China

If you went to Washington DC on the 4th of July to visit the Washington Monument and watch the fireworks, you would expect crowds and bad traffic. So when we heard that we would be visiting Beijing on their national day, we expected crowds and bad traffic. We wanted to see the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and perhaps do a little shopping. Regrettably, the port of Xiangang, which our captain fondly refered to as "zin, gang, walla walla bing bang," was three hours drive from the central city and the Great Wall so we...

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Jun 14, 2006 - Beijing

Danny had to take a week out of writing updates on the web page to go back to the UK for a weeks work. On the way he discovered the main reason why the Finnish have the highest rate of suicide in the world. Deciding it would be a great idea for him to book a flight back with Fin Air to save fifty dollars, Danny's trip went via Helsinki and then direct to Manchester (not that bad I hear you say). Unfortunately for Danny this was the night after Helen's surprise birthday night out in Shanghai, where more wine had been consumed than was...

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