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Aug 10, 2004 - A fake pub village in Santiago

We arrived bleary eyed into Santiago and waited for a couple of hours for Richard (Sarah's older brother) to arrive and then headed into Santiago to meet up with Robert (Sarah's youngest brother) who had arrived in Santiago a couple of days before. He was staying in an area called Providencia which has a wierd Disneyland type fake pub and nightclub village. Very odd, especially in the morning. After picking Robert up we got our driver to take us to Portillo, a couple of hours north of Santiago where we were booked to go skiing.

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Jul 26, 2004 - Santiago - Capital of Chile

Bit of a culture shock this one. Was pretty much like being transported back to a newer, cleaner London! This place is stunning! You have all the features of a major modern city, with the added benefit of the Ande´s just 45 minutes away!! It makes for an impressive backdrop I can tell you. It´s not often you look up at a skyscraper, only to find there is a mountain 10 times the size directly behind it. We stayed in a wicked hostel downtown, but was really only a fleeting visit as we were headed to another favourite city of ours, Buenos...

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May 12, 2004 - Punta Del Este, Uruguay

We have stumbled onto gold. South America has kept their hot spot a secret for too long, but now we know. It's the off season now, but its crystal clear what the on season (oct - march) brings. This place has it all. Miles of beautiful beaches that have surfing and windsurfing, with plenty of sand for laying. It has scuba diving, top restaurants, and the ultimate in shopping (yes girls, 2 Miss Sixty's on the same block, not to mention every European chic boutique you can name). It has clubs for dancing, high rise hotels, casinos, golf, and...

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Apr 29, 2004 - Halo Santiago !!

We arrived in Santiago after our flight to be surprised by a line of touts trying to get us into their taxi. Having spent the last 2 months in english speaking OZ and NZ we weren´t ready for this but our training in India saw us right and we brushed past them to catch the bus into the centre. We had a good flight and watched School of Rock (twice) but it was really odd to arrive before you had set off as we had crossed the International Date Line from New Zealand. We found a hostal and tried to get over our jet lag. We failed. The next...

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Jan 6, 2004 - San Pedro de Atacama to Santiago

San Pedro de Atacama (within the Atacama desert) is a dusty and touristy little town in the middle of nowhere (desert), but a really welcome civilised break. It became blatently obvious how expensive Chile was compared to Bolivia the moment we arrived. Plus, I'd just discovered the Dollar had dropped in value to 590 peso's! ouch! but, that didn't stop a spot of mountain biking and a few slap-up meals in nice restaurants. The area around San Pedro is hilly and dry with some really cool canyons to bike through. I took a route that crossed...

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Oct 4, 2003 - Santiago de Chile (text)

22 SEPT -- 5 OCT Chile's capital is really many cities in one. Santiago proper, the former colonial core, is surrounded by 31 communities that have coalesced to form the current megacity that sprawls across a valley bordered by the Andes to the north, west and east. Santiago's skyline, though vast, lacks charm. We visited several high hills that punctuate the city, offering 360-degree views - nothing captured our interest, not even the Andes which were permanently shrouded by pollution during our visit. But that was just as well - we...

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Sep 3, 2003 - Don't Cry for me Argentina (Peru, Bolivia or Brazil)

We're sitting in a shopping centre, with a band and Tango dancers in the foyer downstairs, whiling away our last few hours on this crazy continent before heading off to the airport to catch our flight Down Under. Our last night was spent in one of the more unusual places we've stayed to date. Advertised as a 'casa familiar' (family-home hostel), it was a bit like staying with an eccentric aunt. Our hostess was barking mad, with long orange hair and matching make-up. She didn't stop talking from the minute we walked in (well, actually we...

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