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Mar 10, 2018 - Week 12!

Hey friends! I'm back with a few more updates (Y) Having a relaxing weekend and staying in Guelph (for once) so I thought today I would do some exploring around here. Went to the Art Gallery, Farmer's Market and a few of the old parks and churches that are around downtown. Finished up with a cheeky sesh at the board game cafe which was cool. It's actually a really beautiful place during the day haha have only really managed to see downtown at night, oops! St Patick's Day a really big deal here so next weekend will probably be written off...

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Mar 2, 2018 - Back at it again

Hey friends! I'm back from Cuba - was such a good time.. honestly the first time anything but my face has seen the sun since I was in Australia! 27 and sunny everyday was such a treat, doesn't matter if I was drowning in my own sweat from the humidity :') went to Havana and Varadero mostly and went snorkeling in the Bay of Pigs which is super cool! Saw lots of cool colourful fish around the place and their habitats were crazy. Uploaded some pics on Facebook for you to have a look at - I have been very slack with my uploads/picture taking...

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Feb 1, 2018 - Guelph is definitely feeling like home

Hey hey! I'm back :D Week 7 of Canada, week 4 of uni and midterms are nearly upon us (they're a big deal here but really they're only worth like 35%). Quick recap..! We had a party for Australia Day in one of the residence houses and it turned out to be exactly like they are on TV haha keg in the bath tub and everything. I have discovered sriracha mayo and it is quite possibly one of my favourite things in existence - works in literally everything! How good?!? I'm heading to Toronto for the weekend with some of the girls which will be good...

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Jan 9, 2018 - Uni woo

Helloo! Today is my second day of uni and already I have managed to do the following: - Get lost on the way to a class - Go to the wrong class - Nap during a lecture - Stack it on a slippery path So doing well.. Nah honestly it is really good here and people are friendly enough that they'll tell you where to go if you look lost. Also moved into on-campus accommodation - it is life changing! I can literally walk home for half an hour between classes, get food and then go back to uni. Today marks the first day this trip of only wearing one...

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Jul 31, 2016 - We did it!

We have made it back to Lion's Head, today, Sunday July 31 - Day 51 of our travel adventure. There will be many memories of this once in a lifetime trip. Glad to have shared it with all of you as it is a long time away from home and everyone, family and friends. Many thanks to all of you who helped us take care of the homefront while we were gone, we couldn't have done it without you. Now for my last blog, here is our trip "By the Numbers" you know I had to keep track. Km travelled in the RV Westward = 4716 km Eastward = 4406 km Total =...

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Jun 10, 2016 - Ready to leave Lions Head

Our RV is ready to roll, all preparations done. Months of planning and ready for an adventure, a journey and excitement to see a plan come together. Leaving Guelph Sat am after 0900 (after watching the Queen's birthday celebrations of course at 0500)! note: trouble downloading pix, but if you see one on the entry, click on it and it enlarges. J&K

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Jun 8, 2016 - 3 days to departure - re our Travel Blog

First email re our Travel Blog to friends and family, this may show up in your junk box, so hope you don't think it is junk. We want to share our trip/journey to the west starting June 11. Thanks to friends, neighbours and family that are looking after our home and Molly that allow us to be gone for 2 months. It has been a busy spring getting ready to depart and after months of planning we are set to go. Will catch up with everyone in the fall but in the meantime, will keep in touch with this blog. John and Karen

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Nov 4, 2012 - North of the Border

I drove through few snow showers while traveling across US 20A from Geneseo to Buffalo. No serious accumulation, just enough to keep the roads wet and wht wipers on. While passing through Batavia, NY,I saw 3 air plane murals - one from Vietnam, one from Korea, and one from WWII. Not sure why they are there, but the wings look weird. The Buffalo area is a treasure trove for DDD. Since it was lunch time when I passed through i decided to stop at Grover's, but it was closed on Sunday. I headed to the Lake Effect Diner. It's a real silver diner...

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Aug 21, 2011 - Guelph

Tim and Jocelyn to their new place. The Ward, parking at Alice, People, Edwin, churches, walking, curry at Diana Downtown, Cowboys football at Jimmy Jazz, smoking on the patio, back home. Newspaper on my hood, tea and toast with fresh hummus, Our Lady Immaculate, pitas, propane, home.

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Aug 7, 2011 - Rest day Tottenham (for us Guelph

August 7 – Day 46- Rest day in Guelph Up early to get some chores done around the condo then back to Elmira for a good long visit with Priscilla. We went out to the Stone Croak at St. Jacobs for a very nice lunch. After the great visit I went back to Guelph and off to see Marcel, the best of the best at massage therapy. This wonderful man took time on Sunday to give both Terri and I a super massage and it was badly needed. Thanks Marcel, your work was truly appreciated. After the great massage Tyler, Terri’s son and Julia had a family...

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Aug 6, 2011 - Tara to Guelph

August 6 – Day 45- Tara to Guelph K’s 166.89k Time 6h 45mmm Average speed: 24.71k/H T to d 4849 Another century ride day! A good ride from Tara to Rothsay, with Terri, where she headed for Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bucks farm to meet up with Bruce and Dee Dee. I continued on to Elmira where I enjoyed a visit and a snack with Priscilla. I was great to see her again after so many days on the road. She is doing well and was looking forward to tomorrow when I will come by with the car and we can go out to lunch. After the short visit I headed...

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Jun 28, 2010 - Mission Accomplished!

Today's destination would stamp complete on a chore that started back in January on our trip to Costa Rica. Our guide, Allan, had a set of binoculars, 8X40's, made by Eagle Optics that were fantastic! They were so great that it was Marilyn who said we had to get a set. So upon returning to Campbell River I went on a search to see where we could get these in Canada and discovered the Canadian distributor in Guelph, Eagle Optics.CA! So befor edeparting the campsite this morning, even before stopping at Tim Horton's!, their address was entered...

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