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Jul 11, 2008 - A quiet day with Grandma

I don't know if its being so relaxed at Grandmas, the time change or just being on summer holidays but man we are all having a lot of trouble getting going each day! Today we managed to get out of the house about 2 and headed to the outlet malls to do some shopping. It got quite muggy out so we were pretty cranky when we exited the stores. We all looked for some summer clothes and had trouble relating to the new fall things that were in the stores. i think we are all secretly holding our shopping until New York! Then we came home for pizza,...

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Jul 9, 2008 - Easy day at Grandmas and birthday with some family!

Today it was hard for the girls to wake up and get up. So we were lazy until noon! It was nice to be able to. Grandma lured the girls up with poached eggs on toast and iced lattes (for Maren!) I never knew lattes had whipping cream on top of them. Welcome to Stargrandmas Maren (see pics) About 2:30 we finally got them out of the house with the call of the pool next door! As we walked outside Maren commented that it is warm outside - she thought it was cold because its cold in the house! Oh my children who know not the life of air...

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