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Feb 28, 2008 - Ouahigouya

The start of the country with great names, Ouahigouya pronounced something like We_gee_ya. Unfortunately after the Dogon high I'm back in the land of dusty dirty towns. Using the Travellers Century Club list this is my 100th country but I'm still 8 short on my count. Today I discovered that an Ox-cart is not the most comfortable form of transport, nor is it the fastest, it's quite possibly the slowest form of transport I've ever taken. I guessed that the 5km trip to Bankass would take about an hour and a half, they guys in Ennde all told me...

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Nov 6, 2005 - From Ouahigouya, BURKINA FASO to MALI

Start: Ouahigouya, BURKINA FASO End: MALI Weather: Warm I was awoken in the early morning by a crash, which I think was my extension pack falling to the ground after I accidentally knocked it while turning over in my tent. I was kept awake by the sound of prayers amplified by speakers from the town's mosques and then street noise. When I decided to give up on trying to get more sleep, I repositioned the fan to hang above my feet. It produced a better result as I could feel air circulating around the whole tent. I then continued the...

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Nov 5, 2005 - From Ouagadougou to Ouahigouya

Start: Ouagadougou End: Ouahigouya Weather: Warm I spent the morning updating journal entries in dot points then packed, dashed out to the nearest bank ATM to stock up on CFAs (according to the Lonely Planet guidebook dated 2002 the next ATM would be in the Mali capital of Bamako about a month away in my travel itinerary) then checked out of the auberge by 10am. When I left the hotel I encountered a Rastafarian who had wanted to speak to me as I rushed to the ATM. I now had time for a chat as I walked to the closest main road to catch a...

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Sep 18, 2004 - More on Burkina

Well I stand corrected on Ouagadougou, though it is most definitely a dusty town, it is not so small. One of the gift shop owners at my hotel who spoke English showed me around on his moped. The capital city is making moves to transform itself into a modern metropolis. We rode out to the edge of town where a "new city" is being developed and constructed. I asked Salam, my guide, who will live here? He said Burkinabes, officials and politicians, rich people. While in Ouaga, I met a woman from Serbia, Kaja. She in turn introduced me to...

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