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Oct 5, 2009 - Day 1 - Salar de Uyuni - The Great Salt flats

Shortly after arriving at Uyuni at 5.30 am, the sun began to rise. The air was still cold and the town extremely sleepy. However, there was already a few hard working tour agent busy selling salt flat tours to passenger who has just got off the bus. With hindsight, we guessed that it was perfectly possible to organise a tour leaving the same day to the Salt flats but from what we overheard, the price we paid in La Paz was pretty much in line with the prices charged by these agents in Uyuni. After we told them that we have already booked a...

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Aug 7, 2009 - Uyuni, Salar de Uyuni (salt plains and desert) Southern Bolivia

Gosh i havent updated for some time. It has been an amazing journey these last few days. We caught the Bolivian Express, South Americas only train system other than the one in Peru for Macchu Picchu but that is not the run of the mill like this one. We caught it from Ururo to Uyuni. It did have a mechanical problem and we were delayed about an hour. Got to Uyuni at around midnight. Uyuni is nearly typical of a ghost town outback Australia. The only difference is that it is bloody freezing. The place was deserted. People only stay here for...

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South American trip

Jun 29, 2009 - Bolivian Salt Flats

Ok so the last time i left you i was heading to Uyuni. This was the place that we set off to vist the salt flats from. We arrived off the night bus at 7:40 went to our rooms packed a day bag for the next 2 nights, had a spot of breakfast (nice porriage) and headed to bed for 1 and a half hrs sleep before having to get up again to go. I have to say the i was so tires that eve though i set my alarm, and becuse i had my earplugs in i woke up 10mins before we were supposed to leave, luckily ihad prepacked and just had to throw myself into the...

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Jun 13, 2009 - Home sweet home

Hey we just got into Canada(Toronto), and they lost our bags. Seven months around the world and they dont loose my luggage, but once I am home, they lose it. Who needs it anyways! Adam and I just did a shop at Superstore. Love that place. Well thanks for keeping up with me. See you all soon Love Natalie (&Adam)

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Jun 12, 2009 - Uyuni

Well right now my imagine of our Uyuni trip is tainted becasue I got sick the day we left and I was sick through the whole 4 days of the trip. With us in the jeep were a great crew, Andre from Argentina, Juan from Columbia, and Gabriel and Lettie from France. We had a bunch of laughs, wrong interpretations and corrupted conversations where we used Spanish, English, and French to try and get our point across. We spent 3 full days together visitng the beautiful and rare salt flats, massive cactus island in the middle of the salt flats, a...

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Apr 21, 2009 - The Salt Plains - Bolivia

The Salt Plains was definitely the highlight of Bolivia. It was a lot of travelling over great distances to get there and once we were there but it was worth it. We visited the train cemetery first - remants of when the town was more prosperous. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid travelled through here (as they did with most of South America) but they were killed by the Bolivian Army (which seems to be something the Bolivians like to boast about). The salt plains are huge and we spent a whole day exploring them before spending the night at...

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Feb 23, 2009 - Le salar d'Uyuni

A Uyuni, il y a le salar le plus grand du monde. Apres avoir passé une agreable nuit dans une chambre (que nous payons au meme prix qu’un camping argentin) nous participons a un tour touristique pour visiter le salar. Ça vaut effectivement le detour: plus de 12000km2 de plaine blanche parfaitement plate, du pur sel et parfois jusqu’a 7m de profondeur… nous visitons aussi des maison de sel. Il y a au millieu du salar une ile rocheuse avec des cactus ou il faut payer 15 bol. la montée, mais nous preferons prendre ce temps pour marcher dans...

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Jan 9, 2009 - Salar de Uyuni

On Tuesday night we boarded the overnight 'Todo Turistico' bus to Uyuni... wow, what a ride! 10 hours, of which most was spent on unpaved roads (read: sand). My vision was still vibrating when we got off the bus at 7:30am. However, we survived and were happy to discover our vehicle was not merely a Jeep or Landcruiser, it was a Lexus. Sure, it was 12 years old, but we still felt special. The 3 day / 2 night tour was mostly spent driving through some amazing scenery. We started off at the salt lake: 12000 km2 of white salt covered in 10cm of...

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Jan 1, 2009 - A New Year, a New Level of Fear - bus journey through hell to Potosi

Well I made it through another year but today I thought I might only live one day of 2009. Day 13: YAY, we made it safely into 2009 and had a nice night’s sleep in a warm, dry bed with electricity and a toilet with a seat and hot freaking water showers! Ahhhh yes, it can only get… worse, a lot worse. Well perhaps Lucy’s fall was an omen. We were all packed up waiting for our 7 hour bus to take us to Potosi and the poor girl just fell straight off the curb into the wet, muddy, dirt road. I was right behind her, watching in slow motion as she...

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Dec 31, 2008 - Uyuni - Salt Flats - A whole new perspective!

Arrive in Uyuni late in the evening on New Years Day starving. Head off out looking for a restaurant. Arrive at one restaurant and they have no produce and will have to go to the supermarket. Dinner could take over two hours. We decide to try another restaurant. They have no food left. Could be crisps at this rate for dinner. Managed to find an Italian restaurant. Carla had to play waitress. Finally got some pasta with tomato sauce not the best but least its food. Next day we are off to the Salt Flats. This is where the sky meets the earth...

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Dec 30, 2008 - Salar de Uyuni - Day Two

Day 11: The beginning of my numerous moments fearing death that would mark the remainder of my Bolivian journey/crazy adventure. We were up early, had a quick breakfast and were rushing down through the wet salt flats to visit the crazy mountainous terrain, the various lagunas and to complete our day at Laguna Colorada where we would spent the night. Well, remember how I said Juan was crazy? It didn’t help that he was missing a lot of front teeth, and that only strengthened our belief that the guy had been in accidents before and probably...

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Dec 29, 2008 - Uyuni and the Salt Flats

Day 10: It is 6 in the morning and our trucks to the Salt Flats don’t leave until 10 am. We can make use of the hotel to rest and have showers, eat breakfast but we have to pay for it. What???? What was the point of our local payment? So four of us share a $40 room (stupid price for only 3 hours of use) but stop complaining once we experience they very hot, full water of the shower. The hotel says we have to pay 5 bolivianos extra for each towel- we just paid $40, are you kidding me? I straight up refuse and it works. We have a big...

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