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Jun 2, 2013 - tarabuco the wild west crazy town

So far removed from the Spanish invasion here (check their town square statue) that they don't speak it, or even quechuan (language of the Incas)! I cant remember what language they called it but we couldn't make heads nor tails, and they looked at us like circus freaks. Strange wee place, mix of old....street foods etc, new....tourist tat and modern Bolivia....really loud videos of cholitas - women punching lumps out each other with pom poms on their hands. Bizarro! Didn't hang around long but was interesting to visit for sure, as was the...

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Mar 17, 2008 - Tarabucco

Hello, Apologies in a dvance for any typos, but the letters are missing from many of the keys. Thankfully the weather has returned to normal here and I have the burns to prove it. Yesterday's trip to Tarabucco was to watch the Bolivians party like only South Americans can. The festival seems mainly about getting very drunk, but also celebrates the defeat of Spanish Conquistadors by the Tarabuccans who are apparently a race originating from Venezuela. The dance costumes are traditional to the area and there are subtleties to some of the...

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