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Aug 1, 2018 - Neusiedler See and Rust

Our final day in Vienna saw us heading south to Neusiedler See and Rust. After leaving the outskirts of Vienna we soon found ourselves in vineyards and rolling countryside Again small pretty villages but all away from the lake , but pretty countryside. We eventually found ourselves in Rust. Its reed seashore is a haven for storks who like to make their nests on the chimneys in the town. As you walk round storks glide above you. The town was pleasant to walk around and stopped have drink in one of the lovely flowered courtyards. We never...

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Jun 26, 2014 - Austria

Woke up to a cool, beautiful Austria morning. Had breakfast at the hotel before heading back out to tour the castle and see more of the sights during the morning light. After the castle we headed back towards Oberwart and stopped at a lake with beautiful views and lunch. Still trying all sorts do wonderful foods and beer!

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Jun 25, 2014 - Austria - Salzburg

Beautiful scenery the entire trip to today. Stopped along the way for lunch and took our time getting there. Hotel is lovely and posted photo of the bedroom. After a cup of coffee and something sweet (this could be very addicting) we walked around the old city and even found the Locks of Love bridge...but forgot the lock we will now have to attach tomorrow...more on that another day. So glad we had our family as tour guides! Tomorrow we will visit the castle that can be seen on top of the mountain and then head back to Oberwart but will...

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Jun 24, 2014 - Austria - Oberwart - Burgenland

We had a perfect day spent learning about family history from Herbert Rehling (no relation) who directed us to the gravesite of my grandfather's youngest brother, Josef, in Bad Tatsmannsdorf. Herbert was my very first contact over ten years ago when I started the Rehling family genealogy and how I eventually "found" the Ochsenhofer family. We also spent the evening where Bernd was raised and met two of Bernd's brothers, Gerli and Martin, and their mother, Heidi. Have to admit it was very emotional meeting Heidi who is the same age as my...

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Feb 29, 2012 - Day 54 - Some sauna, a bit of swimming and just a pinch of perversion.

SO..... we've left the lovelt town of Hartberg and have found ourselves in Eisenstadt, another seemingly nice place, which reminds me a little of Lichfield, with it's high streets layout and appearance. I've got another nice room, with (a must for me) loads of sockets... it's nice to be able to watch the TV whilst I'm cooking you know. Tensions have been running high so far this week... more bizzare behavious appearing in the shows and certain individuals haven't exactly been making life on and off stage too easy. We do however plod on -...

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Feb 27, 2012 - Day 52 - "Getting sozzled at.....YOUTHCLUB!"

The week was mainly played out with me chilling in my room, watching films, using my newly acquired internet and chilling with the fresh Austrian air flowing in through the open balcony doors! Heaven! And it certainly helped me to relax after, quite frankly, some peculiar shows and odd choices this week. Friday, without needing to go into any detail or naming names was very bizarre… One of the actors decided to go completely against everything the character is supposed to and ruined the show… Unfortunately – it’s happening a lot...

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Feb 21, 2012 - Day 46 - Royston's Geburtstage!!! (and Karnival Day) {AND PANCAKE DAY!!!}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROYSTON from the land locked "shores" of Austria!! SO.... we've arrived in the lovely village of Hartberg, on this "Karnival Day". Basically today is the last day of the Karnival period, so to celebrate they have a carnival (as the German spelling would suggest) as they take down the remaining Christmas decorations and the balls all come to an end! it's a huge event over here. We had two shows today, both audiences completely distracted, and dressed in all manner of different costumes and fancy dress. They whole country it...

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Jul 18, 2011 - Moose's Journal: At the top of the Zuspitche

Moose's Journal Entry From this point on...I will just post pictures & paste my last journal entry with a location of the pictures Here.......I hope you enjoy!! July 16, 2011 Hi Everyone, I thought that I should try to finish my journal before we were too far away from our vacation. I am sorry that I could not update during the trip, but internet access was limited, & of course, when we had it, Nancy tended to “hog” the computer. She is at work today, so I have it all to myself! MOOOOOOOO!!!!! I mean, Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!! Well, anyway, what a...

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May 24, 2009 - Barb arrives in London

Barb arrived today. She flew direct from Melbourne, with a 1-2 hour stopover inn Hong Kong. I had bought her an “Oyster” travel card, so went out to the airport to meet her. She arrived tired and desperate for a cup of tea. The underground station at Heathrow is very convenient and we were able to get out to Ruislip with only one change of trains. We walked 20 minutes to Christine and George's, arriving around 4pm. After introductions and some chat, Barb relaxed and managed to stay awake until a reasonable hour of the night to get her body...

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May 22, 2009 - Austria still - then London

I hung around for most of the day today, watching Luke work and playing with the kids. We went for a bike ride to the top of the hill overlooking the village for some views of very intensively farmed rolling hills. Adam (6) managed his bike very well and overcame his fear of losing control going down big hills. Emi on her scooter bike was controlled by Mum on the end of a nylon strap!! Evica drove me to Vienna in the afternoon and I caught the flight back to Luton. Public transport (bus and train) took me back to Ruislip in about 1.5...

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May 21, 2009 - Austria - with Luke & Evica

Today we drove to Lake Neusiedl, a steppe lake (spring fed, no outflow) about an hour from Luke & Evica's village. The lake is the largest of its kind in Europe, and part of it is also in Hungary. We drove through the village of Einstadt, the birthplace of Haydn, where there are many reminders of the city's musical heritage, and on to a small town on the edge of the lake. The kids sought out swings and had a great time with the various play things. The lakeside has a large park area and lots of Austrians were seeking the sun, oblivious to...

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May 20, 2009 - Grossmutschen - Austria

With shutters on the windows and my watch still set on England time, I slept in this morning. The children went off to school, Evica did business on the computer and Luke and I disappeared to the workshop, he to work and me to watch in admiration. We rode bicycles to collect the children from kindergarten, then went to a favourite restaurant for lunch. It was delicious, especially the garlic soup on a whole cob loaf of bread. The town of Uberpullendorf is very clean and tidy, with a very good range of shops. This is about 10 minutes' drive...

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