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Aug 16, 2009 - Trying out the caravan

Well, we looked at the weather forcast and chose a couple of days when the weather looked favourable for our caravan try out at the beach. We were lucky the first day as it was about 18 degrees and lovely and sunny, but the next day the temperature dropped right down, a gale came through and the wind was really roaring through the tree tops above us. However the van was fantastic. We could hear the wind roaring outside but we had a little blow heater inside and it was warm as toast. The van was very stable in the wind and very comfortable....

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Jul 16, 2009 - Bendigo

After a busy day taking in Sovereign Hill, and now knowing the story of the Eureka Stockade, we went and checked out the Eureka Stockade Museum to learn about the significance of this event in Australian history. Zach really gets it! Then we took a leisurely drive home through Bendigo, were we stopped off to learn about Boomerangs. Zach has a bit of black-fella blood in him I think. He got it flying first up. Then we went to the Bendigo Pottery to make Dad a mug to welcome him back (hopefully some time over the weekend).

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Mar 14, 2007 - The B&S Farmer's Ball

The whole time we've been working at our farm, the boys have always gone on about these B&S farmer's ball parties that go on all over Victoria and New South Wales every so often. There was one on March 10th so 3 of us girls got a ride with the twins, Ryan and Darren, to this 'ball'. Oh, and the B&S stands for Bachelors and Spinsters!!! It was in some small town called Elmore which is about 4 hours even further north in the middle of nowhere. We pulled up to this huge empty field where everyone shows up in their utes (pick-up trucks) covered...

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Nov 1, 2006 - Melbourne to Bendigo

Sylvia's Comments After another good boat trip for me we docked at Melbourne at 7am. We disembarked fairly quickly and were then directed to a holding spot where we awaited the truck with the spare gas bottles to arrive. I gave Jeff the receipts and out he went. Not being a connisor of gas bottles he could not recognise ours and we had to wait until everyone else had got theirs before we knew which was ours. We set off once again into the Melbourne traffic and found it much easier, we must know where we are going, or it could be something...

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Oct 10, 2005 - Castlemaine

Castlemaine 10-13 Oct Feeling lazy, we stopped here rather than go on to Maldon to see our granddaughters - the caravan park is easier to get into than the winding roads and odd site shapes at Maldon CP. Anyway, it is only a short trip to Maldon so we managed to see quite a bit of the kids. Funny how time speeds past sometimes, I also meant to catch up with an old friend who lives locally, but only managed a phone call. Better luck (planning?) next time. Castlemaine is an interesting place for a number of reasons. Apart from being a...

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Nov 25, 2004 - Bendigo

We made it to Bendigo! We left Adelaide by 9am, which is a miracle! We drove and drove and drove. The distance to Bendigo was about 680 km. By the time we got there Gareth's right foot had gone to sleep, so we took time out for a couple of hours in the town. Now word has it that Bendigo has ties with Cornwall! The lonely planet didn;t mention it and the town didn't seem to have anything Cornish in it! However it had more than its fair share of flys and boy racers (in that order). The biggest problem facing planet earth is not the green...

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