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Sep 3, 2013 - Quilpie

2nd September, 2013 We arrived in Quilpie last Friday and booked into the Channel Caravan Park and were quite surprised when the manager said that the park was owned by the Costello’s. We didn’t get any family discount though. Each site has a concrete slab, power, water, a space to park the car and individual dump points. First time we’ve seen that, we usually have to go hunting for one at the showgrounds or some place around town and not every town has one either. Still we manage. The camp kitchen is fully equipped with everything you...

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Aug 8, 2013 - Quilpie

Our last day in Quilpie was a lazy day. We had lunch at Heinemanns Cafe where we again chatted to the young woman who is the owner of the cafe. Her great grandfather was a bullock team driver in the Quilpie area, as was her grandfather. It was interesting to hear of the history of the town and its surrounding area. We visited the Museum where the history of Quilpie is displayed in photos and documents. The area has seen many times of floods, droughts and bush fires. The gallery next door to the Museum had an extensive display of Quilting on...

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Aug 7, 2013 - Quilpie

A quiet day today after the long & exciting trip yesterday. A new headlight is being transported from Brisbane to Longreach and will arrive there about the same time that we plan to. Very costly item (over $1700) just for the headlight. This will definately have to be an insurance claim. Quilpie seems to be a friendly town, though very dusty and dry. We are starting to miss seeing green fields instead of the red dirt. The water in these outback towns comes from artesian bores, so has a distinctive sulphur smell. We have been assured that...

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Jul 29, 2013 - Quilpie and lovin' it

The trip to Quilpie went well. We need to add to the list..... of things we've seen on the side of the road ..... goats, koala and an emu! There are amazing animals everywhere you look into the mulga. The goats are gorgeous and everywhere. And Quilpie is emu country. We went Opal fossicking, well I did the rock bashing and Evan told me which ones to hit and gave me moral support. In the end I found a tiny little bright blue opal and a creamy one and put them in my pocket. (unfortunately, I cleaned the dirty tissues out of my pocket, I must...

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Mar 31, 2013 - Kilcowera Station to Quilpie

Day 4: Sunday 31 March 2013 Kilcowera Station to Quilpie We got up and it was Easter Sunday, we had a nice surprise of some chocolates next to our beds. When we stepped out of our camper trailer we realised it had rained heavily last night as the lagoon had risen by a lot and the ground was extremely muddy. The flies were so terrible that we had dry breakfast cereal in the car as we travelled. As it was early in the morning and the weather was cold we saw heaps of animals including 101 kangaroos, wild horses, billions of emus and cows (too...

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Jun 28, 2011 - Hello from Quilpie

Hey, We finally dragged ourselves out of Thurlby Station this morning and promised Gavin and Maria that we would be back - maybe this trip on the way back down, but if not definately next year. The rest of our time there was great. We did some jobs that needed doing - sorted out the cupboards that had rearranged themselves on a bumpy road, filled the water tanks and tinkered with a bit of this and a bit of that. We went into the old Corones Hotel in Charleville, which was fascinating and so much history. We wandered around the cemetery and...

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May 12, 2008 - Follow On

Day 2 was spent making minor repairs and adjustments to the caravan. Despite the best laid plans thee always seems to be something hat goes wrong. I was a bit surprised lst night because it was so cold. It is the end of Autumn and we are close to the Granite Belt which is always cold. It is the only place in Queensland that I know has had snow in the past. The day are still warm and the sun has been shining. Besides just lazing around the lake we did dive into Warwick to pick up some repair materials. I also bought a couple of yabby nets as...

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