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Jul 27, 2013 - A Drive Around the Tablelands

26th July We experienced some very windy conditions in Cooktown but enjoyed our stay. Packing up in the rain, at least the wind has eased. Driving out of the caravan park the sun has decided to show up. Oh well luck of the Irish. We are heading to Lake Eacham, Blue is hoping to get some fishing in. Lots of traffic on the road today. We had one holdup at roadworks otherwise smooth sailing. Well mostly one idiot that tried to do us in. Overtaking while towing a van in an unsafe spot even the truckie was shocked. Had an early lunch stop at...

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Mar 6, 2013 - Millaa millaa

We met up in the lobby of the hostel early this morning with Kendal again, packed up the car, and headed out on a day tour south of Cairns on a Atherton Flatlands waterfall loop. Our first stop was the Cathedral Fig Tree. This thing was enormous! 44 meters around the base of the tree. It's not a normal tree trunk, these trees have a solid trunk, then branches grow roots off themselves to help support the tree. Quite amazing how this tree works. The canopy of the tree was the size of 2 Olympic swimming pools, and scientists estimate there...

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Engagement honeymoon

Nov 1, 2007 - Cascades Milla Milla

Hem fet una petita ruta per les cascades. La veritat es que no parem de banyarnos, que si un riu aquĆ­, que si una cascada per alla, i a sobre avui ha sigut la ruta de les cascades... No tenim gaires fotos, pero aquest mati, primer hem anat a un poble recondit que tenen 6 piscinetes d'aigues fredes i calentes, provinent del riu del costat que surt fins a 75 C!!!!, per sort les piscinetes estan per sota de 45C, que ja es molt!! Despres hem parat a les cascades de Milla Milla, que tot i que t'asseguren que no hi ha cocodrils, en el primer...

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Jan 22, 2005 - Nephew Nathen and Uncle Brian

Standing on the street in Cairnes in the morning there are three types of vehicles you can observe on the road. The small tour bus picking up 8 people. THe medium tour bus picking up 20 people and the large tour buses picking up 50 people. Each bus has the tour company name on the side and wild pictures advertising their offerings. These buses pick up tourists from their hotels/hostels and take them on varying degrees of adventures. The level of adventure is usually inversely related to the size of the bus. We generally hung out on the 20...

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