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Oct 21, 2020 - Stockman's Hall of Fame

Wed 21st Oct - Stockman’s Hall of Fame I was up early this morning (if you call 7:15 early) and was sitting outside with Joan when a couple of blokes left the motel. They told us they were on their way to Quilpie for a videography job they had to do. They come from Byron Bay but have been outback for a couple of weeks doing various assignments. They told us about the time when they passed through Yaraka and did a short video they put up on YouTube about the emus there. Apparently they like making their way into the pub and up to the bar....

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Oct 20, 2020 - Qantas museum again for 5

Tue 20th Oct - Qantas museum again for 5 This morning we intended for 6 of us to return to the Founders Museum (on a no-cost re-entry pass) to finish looking at the displays. 2 pulled out and one joined in so Chris, Graham, Cheryl, Jan and Ron headed out by taxi. We were going to do it after m/tea but the gathering, chatting and encouragement for Verna went much later so we changed our plan to go after lunch. This time at the museum we were able to see the full movie of the transfer of the 707 to Longreach, saw the first half of the movie...

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Oct 19, 2020 - Winton for 5 - Light Show at night

MON 19th Oct - Winton for 5 - a rest day for 9 - Light Show for 14 This morning Jan received the sad news that Aunty Tootie (her 97yr old Aunty Alice) had passed away last night. Our heart goes out to Lyn and her siblings as they mourn her passing. Verna hired a car for the day - Kia Carnival - delivered at 8 and soon after 5 of our party left for a day trip to Winton 180kms NW. The rest of us chatted, read, and shopped downtown until the late afternoon when we ensured we were ready to leave at 6:15 for the Light Show at the QANTA Museum....

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Oct 18, 2020 - NBC live stream and Local service

SUN 18th Oct - NBC Live - Longreach Salvos I’ve caught up on sleep, so I was awake in time to grab a cuppa and log in to the NBC prayer group at 8:30. It’s Verna’s birthday today so we gathered outside her door this morning to sing Happy Birthday. Then breakfast as soon as Jan was up and we’ve still plenty of time till the NBC Life Stream service from Brisbane. It was a momentous service as it is the 1st one back together face-to-face. However it had to be ticketed to meet Covid restrictions so there are only 100 in the main auditorium, 25...

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Oct 17, 2020 - to QANTAS Museum

Yay - I've been able to post an extra 20 pics so you can backtrack to Entry 5 on the 14th to check out the photos Sat 17th Oct - QANTAS Museum These heavy curtains together with an air conditioner through the night are a guarantee that we won’t wake early. Once again we aren’t up before 8am - but we did wake fresh after a good night’s sleep. The morning was quiet but Jan and I did scoot down town to get a couple of items from the shopping centre 7minute walk away. 4 others hired a taxi to go downtown and do some shopping and spend time in...

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Oct 16, 2020 - walk to Beersheba, river dinner

FRI 16th Oct - walk Beersheba, river dinner We were late up this morning (one later than the other). Ron managed to have a cuppa and do a bit more journalling before Jan surfaced. We still managed to have breakfast before the scheduled m/tea with the group at 10:00, but not much before mind you! Just the two of us walked to the Arts and Crafts Centre only to find that it was closed - not open for another hour yet. The building is actually the old QATB building (space inside the doors for about 4 vehicles. It is now heritage listed. On we...

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Oct 15, 2020 - town orientation and RSL

THU - 15th Oct - town orientation, RSL Trivia question - Is the town of Longreach north or south of the Tropic of Capricorn? It had been decided to have a quiet day, nothing organised, just pickup some groceries, check out some shops, etc. 'Orientation' means:- where are the nearest Coffee and Bakery shops!!! We were told last night that the Outback Aussie Tours coach with a friend driving it would be due in at their office (across the road in the railway station building) at 9:00am so Ron walked over to meet it. Sure enough it arrived on...

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Oct 14, 2020 - Barcaldine to Longreach

An hour and half later we arrived in Barcaldine. This was a 20min stop so there was time for us all to disembark and wander through the park beside the station. The focal point is the Tree of Knowledge. This was the site where a group of men founded the Australian Labour Party when protesting the treatment of shearers in the shearer's strike. The tree, which was alive when we passed this way two trips back has since been poisoned by vandals and is now 'embalmed' and protected from the elements by a large timber structure intended to...

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Jul 8, 2018 - Longreach - Apex Riverside Park

Sunday; Arrive at yet another free camp site just outside of Longreach. Heaps of caravans parked everywhere. Not a place you would go walking to look around as there is nothing to look at. Bob and Dannie have met up with other travellers that they met on their previous trip down south so they and their friends have join us for happy hour. Monday; I'm off to show Dannie around Longreach which takes no time at all and we are back at our camp site. Once again Bob and Dannie's friends have joined us for happy hour. General comment; This would...

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Jun 26, 2016 - DAY 65

Day 65 Walked the Qantilda Museum this was very interesting.The Matilda Museum burnt down last years, but they expect to start rebuilding later this year. The General Store is the oldest building in town. Got to Longreach and tried to get another gas bottle but none of them would fit the camper, while this was happening another customer said to us try Mitre 10 in town so we did and saved ourselves $8. Booked the Qantas tour for 9.30 tomorrow.

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Apr 23, 2016 - Longreach

I drove into town first thing to do another load of washing (unfortunately the mundane everyday tasks still have to be done) and had another wander down the main street whilst the washing was being done. I think I have seen every shop Longreach has to offer! Also cashed in my winning scratchie that I had bought the day before- winnings of $50!! Back at camp we organised ourselves for a drive to Captain Starlight's lookout. Captain Starlight supposedly rustled 1000 head of cattle from the area in 1870 and used this hill as a lookout while...

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Apr 22, 2016 - Longreach

Had to have Amber to the vet at 10am for Monthly Cartrophin injection. They very kindly let us leave her with them for an hour while we went and looked at shops in Longreach. I also put a load of washing on at the laundromat (everything very close to main street), then we had a wander in the main street whilst washing was on and Amber was keeping in the cool at the vet. Called in to tourist information, then went and picked up Amber and the washing before doing some grocery shopping. We returned to camp to hang out washing and have some...

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