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Nov 7, 2005 - Fraser Island

Our 4wd Fraser Island tour. Fraser Island is the biggest sand Island in THE WORLD! Sand, rainforrest, freash water lakes, beach, shipwrecks etc. Four wheel drive tour through rainforrest on "roller coaster road" - "road" is stretching it a bit! Went to all the listed highlights (see photos). Bit of a rush but a good day.

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Nov 3, 2005 - Fraser Island Trip - 4wd Fun

First night at Hervey Bay Helen managed to acquire 90 mosquito bites - How lucky?? We booked a trip to Fraser Island where we will be sharing a 4x4 vehicle with a group of up to 11 people. Met a couple, Jo and Pete from Leeds who were sharing our dorm and on the same Fraser trip as us. Had our first lie in in ages the next day, before our 3pm briefing about camping on the island. We were in a group of 8 including Jo and Pete, Cindy (Dutch), Emily (Canadian), Oliver (German), Andy (English). Jo and Helen volunteered to do the shopping for...

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Jul 15, 2005 - Fraser Island II

Howdy! Greetings... as Helen and Gareth are now firmly on the mainland we can recount our tales of island madness...! For a start Gareth had to prop up his credit card as a bond for the 4x4, in case anybody crashed it, but we all survived thank God, because we don't think it could take another hammering! Basically this is how it works: The hostel we are staying at leases out 4X4 vehicales, then they cram in 9 people and make sure that two them can drive. We all then pile down to Woolworths (supermarket) and fill up with food, drink (not the...

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Jul 3, 2005 - Sand safari

As a part of my East Coast adventure package I'd purchased a 3 day-2 night safari on Fraisure island. Our tour operator Fraisure Escapes was run by a character named Chris. With his heavy Aussie accent and a very raunchy but creative sense of humor he was a hit with the Brits and the Irish, but did make some American girls blush. After giving us a stand-up routine that doubled as the pre-trip briefing we collected food and beer money and went shopping. The tour was a self-drive, which meant that Frasure Escapes would give us an old Toyota...

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Jun 9, 2005 - Hervey Bay & Fraser Island

HERVEY BAY & FRASER ISLAND The first of our 'big trips' within Australia was a 2 night, 3 day tour of the worlds biggest sand island, "Fraser Island". It is so huge that it contains over 200 freshwater lakes and has several creeks running through it. The sea that surrounds it has violent currents and the largest concentration of Tiger sharks in Australia so unless you are on a suicide mission, going for a dip in the ocean here is strictly out of bounds! We arrived at Hervey Bay and stayed in a cheap but convenient hostel and enjoyed "all...

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May 23, 2005 - Harvey Bay & Fraser Island

Headed up to Harvey bay to do our 4x4 Safari. Harvey bay i thought was bit of a dump and very commercial but Fraser was beautiful. We had a group of 9 who were all pretty cool and we crammed into a big 4x4 and camped on the island for 2 nights. Driving the 4x4 was awesome got to rally around in sand dunes and along beaches and stuff. We only got stuck once but just let some air out of the tyres and we were on our way again. We went to look at a couple of lakes on the island Lake McKenzie was amazing. Crystal clear water and white...

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Mar 15, 2005 - Fraser Island - a really big pile of sand

This past weekend we went to a place called Fraser Island. It's a very pretty island that had some uncharacteristically dreary weather while we our group was there. That's unfortunate because without the sun, I couldn't get nice pictures like the ones at this website. I did snap a few photos, though, and I saw tons things I'll probably never see again. Fraser Island, for one, is the world's largest island made entirely of sand. The plants and trees hold it together, and over the years, sand blows along, swallowing forests and creating a...

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Jan 22, 2005 - Fraser Island

Fraser Island - the biggest sand island in the world and our home for 3 days!! We arrived in Hervey Bay, one of the places where you can sail over to Fraser Island and to be honest that is really all you can do there. The next day we got up at the crack of dawn for our briefing, put our rucksacks in storage, and waited to meet our new travelling companions for the next 3 days. We were put in a group with 7 other people, so 9 in total, across a multitude of ages and nationalities - British, Irish, Swedish, Swiss and German (and who became...

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Feb 13, 2004 - Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Well, one train, one plane, two taxis and a bus to be strictly accurate. This was the rather extensive selection of transport that was required to take us from Sydney to Hervey Bay which is the gateway to Fraser Island, famous for its four-wheel driving over pristine beaches. Considering it's one of the more well-known and oft-visited tourist spots in the country, it was surprisingly complicated to get to. We arrived late in the afternoon and were met at the bus terminal by a guy from the hostel and an extraordinarily unroadworthy mini...

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