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Jul 20, 2005 - It's raining on our parade!

Well, I guess I can't complain, after 19 days in Australia I am suffering through my first day of rain. It's just a shame that it had to be at my last opportunity to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. We arrived here in Airlie Beach yesterday afternoon. The bus stop is halarious...it's literally a bus stop in the middle of the road. People get on and off, we write our own tickets and the driver either lets you on or off depending on the number of people still on the bus. We walked about 5 minutes to the YHA and checked in...there was a note...

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Jun 30, 2005 - Airlie Beach

Formiddagen ble brukt til booking av seiltur. Vi kikka på flere alternativ, men endte opp med en av de flotteste seilskutene man kunne komme ut med. Her fikk vi eget rom med bad og båten så virkelig innbydende ut! Vi hadde fått anbefalt å dra til et fossefall rett utenfor Airlie beach, og valgte å gjøre dette. Etter å ha sett de flotteste fossefall i Kakadu, ble vi ikke akkurat imponert av Cedar Creek Falls. Vi ble der ikke lenge, men lenge nok til å få oss noen hissige myggstikk. Lunsjen ble inntatt på en plen med utsikt over havet og alle...

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Jun 21, 2005 - Whitsundays sailing trip

Sunday 12th June: We arrived in Airlie in the morning, after a horrible loooooonnnngg over night bus journey. So we had a sleep in the hostel when we checked in and then went to check out the town. We bought some pasta etc to cook for dinner and got back to the hostel and realised that the kitchen facilities were rubbish and we couldn't even get a pan to cook our pasta, so we had the sauce on toast instead!! We then just packed for our Whitsundays trip and got a nice early night. Monday 13th: We boarded our catermeran, called Tongarra, at...

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Jun 11, 2005 - Airlie Beach ! ...and Sarah's Birthday !!!

We woke up from our night on the metal bed at 05:45am, ready for yet another 7-8 hour coach journey through to Airlie Beach - this was a different day, it was Sarah's birthday ! Not being able to avoid the coach journey, we set off (after a grand card opening session) and after a few delays we finally got to Airlie at 14:30...finally ! We had booked up a hotel room for two nights at 'Club Crocodile' - luxury for us....i mean, toilet in the same room, a bed with a mattress !!! We dumped our bags and set off for a walk along the...

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Jun 9, 2005 - Airlie Beach & The Whitsunday Islands - Got Engaged!!!!!!

Airlie beach is the gateway to the Whitsundays and we'd had been planning on coming here since being in Bundabery so we were very excited to arrive. We camped in a nice little site, which we shared with huge Goana's and lots of cute posums and planned the next week or so's fun & activites (including my birthday). We decided it would be nice to move into a resort for a few of days over my birthday before embarking on our 3 day cruise on a sailing ship around the Whitsundays - luxury. So we enjoyed the nightlife and the day before my 28th we...

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Jun 5, 2005 - Whitsundays Cruise

We finally gave-in and went on the cruise of the Whitsundays............... There must be something about us, because everytime we go on a tour or trip it decides to rain!! The boat we were on was very nice BUT a bit smaller than the last one we were on and it wasn't as rough out on the sea, so that was a BIG bonus.....................our first stop was at Hook Island, where we were suited up and sent out on the water to see all the fish we could possibly see in the cloudy waters. The only bonus here, was, the guy fed the fish, which got...

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Feb 17, 2005 - The Whitsundays and Airlie Beach

Took the short drive to Airlie Beach on Monday and paid for the trip - painful. Chilled out in this largely backpacker-dominated town for the evening before departing at lunch time on Tuesday. The weather was very windy so we sailed out to Hamilton Island where we could moor safely in the sheltered harbour. This island is a very expensive holiday getaway for the rich and famous so we fitted right in. We all went to the hotel swimming pool which had a bar in the middle, and arrived just in time for happy hour! We got to know our shipmates...

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Feb 17, 2005 - Airlie Beach

Cycled four days on the trot Sunday to Wednesday 280km in total. The weather is a little cooler at the moment. Will start cycling again on the 18th, the next stretch will be the hardest so far as the distance between each town is vast. This means that the tent will be used on a regular basis for the next week or so.

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Feb 6, 2005 - Car Trouble

Freida became poorly on our way to Airlie Beach and so went for a little rest and recouperation at a Brazil's garage in Bowen. In the words of Brian the mechanic Freida's 'fuel pump has shat itself.....Its rooted!!'...two days later and 'She's a goer!'. As a result we got to spend two lazy days in Bowen with Mike and Emily and got to swim in an Olympic sized pool. Bowen has some beautiful beaches..which you've guessed it you can't swim in at the moment...and apparently is a good place to pick up work when the fruit season starts in earnest...

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Dec 9, 2004 - Airlie Beach

Hey All, Well I am now on the east coast after much time was spent on a plane.... thank god I don't have to catch anymore 6am flights, it is way too difficult to wake yourself up at 4am. Lucky for me I have my $70 alarm clock which wakes me up quite nicely... ha ha. Anyway I figured some stuff out today and confirmed everything and so far so good... so hopefully my luck is changing. It is really beautiful here in Airlie Beach. The weather is ok... it is rainy and cloudy but super hot and the sun comes out every once and awhile. I think...

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Aug 2, 2004 - the gateway to paradise!

some say that Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsundays. we say that it is the gateway to paradise. where everything that you see is just like the postcards that you see for sale on the streets. we set off on a 3 day sailing adventure on saturday and headed for the south molle resort. the hostess on the ship wasn't very nice to us (not only did we not get upgrades we had to split into 3 different rooms) but the deck hand was hot with a cute accent. at the resort we partook in happy hour at two bars. after margaritas we were apparently...

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Jul 31, 2004 - Arrived at Airlie Beach

Before I left for Australia I felt like 3 weeks would be a long trip, but after meeting so many other travelers, it seems like nothing. The shortest amount of time anyone has said they are traveling for is 5 weeks, and he complained about how short that was. Generally it's 2 months, 4 months, 9 months, etc. A lot of these people area also going to New Zealand, Southeast Asia, the US, etc. as well, but most are spending at least a few months traveling around Australia. Friday morning we boarded the Oz bus heading towards Airlie Beach. We...

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