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Feb 15, 2014 - Cape Tribulation annd Daintree

pick up 7:40 am. 1 hr drive to Cape Tribulation. 1st stop Mossman Gorge Gateway Center where we had tea, coffee, biscuits and jam. A shuttle took us to the gorge, where we walked through a part of the rain forest floor, out onto beach. unable to go into water due to Box jellyfish which are deadly. Lunch was BBQ in picnic are. Onto a cable water river ferry across Daintree River. Drive and walk on the island. peple live there but no water or electricity, have to find their own. Saw enormous spider called Golden Orb Weaver.Back to river for...

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Feb 15, 2014 - Hot air balloon ride

pick up 4:15am. drive ar least 1 hr north into country side, lots of farmss. they grow ALOT of sugar cane, most shipped to China. wedid 2 3o min trips. great fun. beautiful weather, countryside. In fields we saw numerous kangaroos hopping everywhere. Fun to watch them. Happy Valentines Day.

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Feb 1, 2014 - Cairns to Alotau, Sailing the Coral Sea

We had an early flight out of Sydney and made it Cairns by 11:30; it's a three-hour flight, but Cairns is one hour behind Sydney. It was a short taxi ride to the pier for the Sea Dream II, but we couldn't board for a couple of hours. We killed time talking to travel agents who were invited to view the ship and then started to meet some fellow passengers. The little we saw of Cairns included a casino, a boardwalk, many hotels, and a Woolworths. At 2:00 we boarded with very little fuss. We settled into our cabin on the Sea Dream II, had a...

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Jan 16, 2014 - Paronella to Cairns

Thursday 16th January This morning we went and had a walk in Paronella Park to see if they had successfully caught one of the Crocodiles that have been seen in the Park recently. No luck yet with the trap. So off we go heading back to Cairns as I wanted to catch up with Steve Taylor who is living in Cairns (I thought he was living in Townsville)I used to work with Steve at Murdoch University. We arrived back at The Crystal Cascades Big 4 Caravan park (again) As we had a bit of time we caught up with the washing then got ready to go to...

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Jan 1, 2014 - Happy New Year in Cairns

New Years Day, no headaches for us this year. Getting too old for that kind of rubbish !!! Anyway we headed off towards an Area called Crystal Cascades that we had heard and read about, not sure what we were getting our selves into but we have to do the tourist thing. This are is only about 5 kms from our caravan park, when we got there I think most of the people from the surrounding suburbs we there. The car park was very full and we had to drive around a bit to try and get a parking bay, finally got one and off we trot. You walk about...

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Dec 31, 2013 - On the road to Cairns

Tuesday 31st December Today we left to head towards Cairns (as we have tickets to the Perth Wildcats v Cairns basketball game). Very hard to get away as people kept chatting to us as we were packing up. Finally on the road at 10am. We had been given a bit of advice as to which is the best road to take because from Atherton there are a number of ways to get to Cairns, whichever way you go, you have to go through the mountain range. I decided to take the highway through Mareeba and then through Kuranda. From there it is an interesting drive...

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Dec 11, 2013 - Cairns - The Great Barrier Reef and beyond

Hi there everyone, This update comes from Cairns it has our activities over the last week but also includes our plans for Christmas and the New Year. When we last left you it was approaching Saturday 7th December.We were still in Darwin, just chilling out and preparing for the next flight, the adventure continues....... On Sunday 8th December we were up at 3.30am to get a 4am transfer for the early morning flight from Darwin to Cairns. Unfortunately at this time of the morning we got to see the early morning party scene which we had managed...

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Nov 7, 2013 - Georgetown to Cairns

After a good sleep in our luxurious cabin, we got back on the road and headed for Cairns! I rang Aunty Helen last night and she said she was more than happy to have us stay with her for a few days. Along the way though I was hoping to stop in at Undara Volcanic National Park and see these lava tubes I have heard and read about. We got there only to find out they only do tours at certain times of the day, I should've done my research better and I think it would be better to stay a night there to allow plenty of time to see the park and lava...

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Nov 4, 2013 - A spectacled spectacle

A Long Walk and a Spectacled Spectacle Today we slept in!!! It broke a string of rising between 4:30 and 5:45 for over two weeks. After a late breakfast, we started walking to the Cairns Botanic Gardens. The walk was well over two miles, so we did not see nearly all of this extensive collection of tropical plants from around the world. We did slow down long enough to read the markers in the section which had the collection of plants which were used by the aboriginal clans of Australia. Lunch was at the botanical garden cafe after which we...

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Nov 3, 2013 - Dave's birthday

Dave's birthday and Michaelmas Cay There are certainly worse ways to spend a birthday than taking a snorkel cruise on the Great Barrier Reef!! We walked the 15 minutes to the ferry terminal and then left the dock at 8:30 for Michaelmas Cay. The trip there took over two hours and much of the going was "fasten your seat belts" tossing and rolling. The island itself is very small, entirely sand, and covered with birds. In fact over 90% of the island is a marine sanctuary for those nesting birds. The nesting birds seemed to be primarily Common...

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Nov 2, 2013 - Birding our way back to Cairns

Birding our way back to Cairns As the dripping skies began to show some daylight, we made one last (and disappointing for Marilyn) attempt to see the Riflebird mating display. At 6:00am most of the group met for some birding around the Chambers grounds. Nothing new this morning, except for birding from a garage door because of the on and off showers. At 7:20am we loaded the bus and reluctantly ended our wildlife rich stay here at Chambers Rain Forest Lodge. As we drove, the rain gradually lessened and finally stopped altogether. We...

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Oct 29, 2013 - Cairns

A slower paced day in Cairns After an early morning flight from Darwin to Cairns via Gove, we arrived at our hotel along the Esplanade at about 11:15 am. We had an oceanfront view from the 7th floor and had a marvelous spacious suite. A long walk along the esplanade clear to the jetty, a little shopping, light lunch, then some birding from the esplanade. The tide was coming in but had some exposed mudflats right next to us so we saw some terrific shorebirds, including Terek Sandpiper, an odd birded with upturned bill frenetically foraging....

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