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Dec 6, 2010 - miss my flight once..miss my flight twice!

De retour a Airlie, ma derniere semaine, j'en profite! Je fait du shopping, je fais la fete, tellement que je manque mon vol 2 fois lindi! Je me reveille pas a temps, donc il faut que j'achete un autre vol, et j'arrive pas a temps a l'aeroport...donc je manque le 2eme... il faut donc que j'attende le 3eme et paye des frais de retard :( C'etais horrible!

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Dec 3, 2010 - Whitsundays - Day 2

Hello from the Whitsundays! Yesterday it rained, all the way to this morning! But, finally the rain let up, and we were able to see some of the sites in town. First, we drove into town to a store called Colour me Crazy. Very girly, Greg did not enjoy it. I loved it and bought a candle. Then we walked to a bakery for a snack. Coming back home, the sun finally came out! So we came back to our condo, and changed into our swimsuits. We then went to the Airlie Beach Lagoon. The lagoon is filtered ocean water that keeps the jellyfish out. It was...

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Dec 2, 2010 - Arrive Whitsundays

Arrived Airlie Beach area in the Whitsundays. We brought the rain. The Whitsundays are a tropical island group on the fringe of the Great Barrier Reef. We found studio for the night, too much rain for camping. Hopefully the weather improves for touring tomorrow.

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Nov 18, 2010 - La ptite vie a Airlie

Tout va bien. a Airlie, on travaille comme des folles, on economise comme des folles aussi! On sort avec nos amie on passe du bon temps, mais la plupart du temps ca se resumea travail travail travail. Airlie beach c'est la place pour aller sur les iles, les withsundays, et aller faire des tour de bateau, mais nous on fait rien de ce, trop busy! On fait notre demande de visa, Shani a le siens en 3 heures, moi ils me verifie les information, random control, et au final me refuse mon 2 eme visa, pour plusieurs raisons :( Apres la GROSSE...

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Oct 23, 2010 - Airlie Beach

Oct 24 – Airlie Beach
This small coastal town, about 600 km south of Cairns is too small for the Rhapsody to dock, so we’re on 300 passenger catamarans to get into town and back to the ship. Our luck, it’s Airlie’s annual Reef Festival and there are lots of activities. Instead of taking the shuttle into town, we decide to walk and it’s another very pleasant boardwalk along the shoreline to get us into town within 15 minutes. It’s warm, but with a lovely breeze so not as hot as yesterday.
The saltwater lagoon here is quite large and...

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Oct 5, 2010 - Airlie Beach

Turning off the highway south, we headed into Airlie Beach for a two night stay. The pleasant green hilly country approaching Airlie Beach gave way to the amazing views of the Coral Sea and the Whitsunday Islands in the distance. Airlie Beach itself we found to be very busy with tourists (mainly backpackers) with numerous tourist attractions on offer, from sailing around the beautiful Whitsunday islands to skydiving, tours to the reef, shopping malls and bars. The town itself as such didn't appeal to us – and there is no decent beach at...

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Sep 26, 2010 - Airlie Beach final destination!

En route pour Airlie beach, notre destination finale (pour le moment). Le but est de travailler de ramasser des sous, on prevoit reste ici environ 2 mois. La route c'est bien faite, environ 3-4 heures. Une de nos ami est ici, donc on a but un verre avec elle, prit une douche et alle au dodo dans l'auto pour la 2eme fois en 1 semaine. Pas si pire! On s'est fait rveille par un connard soeul qui rodait autour, donc on a change de parking, mais impossible de retourne au dodo, donc pas une bonne nuit! Aujourd'hui...beach cv jb accomadation! Trop...

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Aug 2, 2010 - AIRLIE BEACH

Saturday, 31st July. They have a saying, ’Queensland beautiful one day, perfect the next’ and that’s just as it is here in NQ at the moment. Some locals mentioned to us yesterday that they have not had a winter as yet this year and they want a little burst of cold weather winter to bring out their jumpers. Some people are a little silly. We also noticed in Townsville that the mall CBD is being dug up with plans to bring back cars as well as pedestrians. This is probably the same as many cities after shop owners complained of loss to...

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Jun 10, 2010 - Byron Bay

We have been staying in Byron bay for the past 4 days, in a really cool/hippy hostel called the Arts Factory where you can stay in room that are tee-pees and float on a river. The day we arrived here the sun was out and we thought that would last but unfortunatley for us the rain started. The weather isn;t cold just wish we had an umbrella with us sometimes! The town itself is lovely and we went on a trip a few mornings ago to watch the sun rise at the famous lighthouse in Byron..its was beyond freezing though and we went straight to bed...

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Jun 5, 2010 - Fraser Island

We went to an island off the coast of Rainbow Beach for the weekend called Fraser Island, the world's biggest sand island so we were told and it was. We had sand everywhere from the moment we arrived! We were put on a self drive tour, so me & Sarah were put in a group with 6 other lads from USA, France and Sweeden and they took it in turns to drive us in a jeep around the island and then set up camp at night. Yes that's right we had to camp out in the bush for 2 nights without a shower and every time we needed the toilet had to go in groups...

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May 25, 2010 - Airlie Beach

Hello the internet is so expensive over here, but then again everything is! Since we've been here we started in Cairns, where we flew in to and then went a few hours down the coast to stay in Mission Beach, where we did our sky dive. That was really fun and sounds stupid but I wasn't scared at all and ive got the dvd of me doing it to show you all when i get back, falling 14,000 ft out of the plane! Next we went on to a small island off the coast of Townsville called Magnetic Island, where even though it was really quiet we did loads of...

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Apr 23, 2010 - Flight of the seabirds ....

Scattered like lost words Wheel to the storm and fly Faring thee well now Let your life proceed by its own design .... Well, I'm back on dry land. Everything is still rocking but that's pretty cool if I just roll with it. I just returned from a 3 day/3 night sailing/diving trip around the Whitsunday Islands and out to the Great Barrier Reef. The weather was not the best and the trip was packed full but I had a blast and saw some amazing sites above and below sea level. I'm ahead of myself again though. Let me back up and fill you in on...

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